Friday, May 15, 2015

Bring me back....

You're beautiful, you know that? 
You represent everything I have in life. 
Everything. Literally, everything.
You are the candle, my light:
And I shine for you.
No winds will blow me out, but I'm a human
      I may flicker, but rest assured:
  You won my heart and it is yours.
             Do what you want with it,
             But I never want it back. 
And words can pour out of me like memories
Leaking from the sands of lost faith and lost ones. 
But they're overpowered by love, 
        Which you so readily provide.
Times will change and pass: 
             Collapse beneath us, 
But hold the candle and whisper:
We'll be saved:
Saved from the monsters that wake,
Wake in the light and 
Lie in the darkest conners of our souls.
Souls and the world:
Because we're too perfect to be apart.
We'll come back to each other:
You're beautiful, you know that. 
                Thank you for getting me through the day

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