Tuesday, December 9, 2014

(This was a post I meant to publish in October, but I totally forgot about it. So here it is)

Okay, so I didn't know if I want to write this post. But at the same time I want to, so since so few of of you read this, I will. Just a disclaimer: I will try my hardest not to offend anyone, but this is a controversial topic. I have some what of a rocky opinion, but an opinion nevertheless. All are entitled to their own opinion and who am I to judge if you are right or wrong. You may not agree with me and I may not agree with you, but who am I to condemn anyone for this?

If you are on social media or if you keep up with the news, you probably know about the young women who decided to end her life on November 1 using a dosage of lethal medicine that was prescribed to her. She was an advocate for the  Oregon Death With Dignity Act, an act that legalized aid in death (or more popularly known as assisted suicide).

So first of all, this death saddens me. The idea of DWD is super controversial, but there is something more than this. when I think of this women's death, I have nothing but sadness for her families lose. I am also sad that a life had to end so soon. This women was going to die from her terminal cancer, but she chose to die before the suffering became too great for her. Either way a life was lost,  a beautiful and precious life. This is what upsets me so much about her death. Yes, many more people die every day and this makes me sad as well. But since this death was more 'advertised' (if you will) because of the controversial issue that has been attached to it. This also upsets me. I am glad that this women stood up for something she believed in and try to do what she believed was right before she died. I just wish that more people would look beyond her method of death and mourn for the lose of life, rather than criticizes her decision.

Now, I don't think I could ever make this decision for myself or a loved one. For me, suffering is something I see as part of life. And I believe that ALL life is valuable and has purpose. I would hope and pray that if I was every in this position, God would give me strength. And I hope that I could be like Blessed Chiara and see it this way: “there’s only one thing I can do now: to offer my suffering to Jesus because I want to share as much as possible in his sufferings on the cross.” But I'm not sure I could do this either.

But I am not in this position but this women was. She did not chose what I would have, because she is not me. She was a strong individual with her own beliefs. I wish that people did not have to go through something so painful that they would be in favor of the Death with Dignity Act. But our world has this kind of pain. And we do not have the power at this point to rid the world of suffering (I don't think that we ever will). I understand the arguments behind the DWD, but I don't agree with it. But I also do think that people should have control over what they do with their bodies (contradictory, I know). SO if someone decides to get 'aid in death' who am I to judge? Ultimately, it is not my decision nor is it anyone one else's except the persons. Obviously, this is why it is so controversial: Do we give people the right to die as they wish in certain circumstances or do we try to preserve human life at all painful costs? I honestly don't know.

I wish that we could all see eye to eye and do all the right things all the time, but we can't because we're not perfect. I just hope that we can respect each other and live compassionately. I think that living like that will begin when we try as best we can to respect each other and understand perspectives that are different than ours.

I am not writing this to say which side of the issue is right or wrong. I was just very upset by the comments people were writing all over social media, condemning (sometimes in the name of God) this women's choice. This kind of ridicule, I can say very firmly, I do not believe in.

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