Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

The never-ending-semester has ended and I am back home in Maine. It was a bitter sweet end: lots of goodbyes to be said before I leave for Rome but I am also super excited for my upcoming adventures! A month from today I fly to London, and then Italy a few days later. Scary...

I miss my family a lot when I am gone and I am so glad to be home for Christmas to spend time with them. My sister and one (of many) cousins drove up  to VT to get me on Thursday and I am eternally grateful for all their help with moving me out. And they also made the trip more funny and entertaining than a bus ride would ever be. 

My family is great, but we don't always see eye to eye. And over vacation, there are many Christmas parties to attend to, especially the Christmas Eve party we have out our moms house. Tonight we saw so many people that we haven't seen in awhile and it was so much fun! But there was a lot talked about and a lot of things discussed that was controversial. When intense things come up in that are controversial I either want to aggressively defend my point of view or crawl into a hole and never come out,

SO I'm totally copying off this off another blog (link below) because I think that they are wonderful reminders during those stressful moments of pure annoyance at family holiday parties.  

Everybody makes mistakes. I don’t have to be perfect.
I can be happy even if I’m not dating anyone.
I’m satisfied with the way my life is and I don’t need anyone else’s approval.
I am a worthwhile, lovable, and valuable person no matter what. My worth isn’t based on my accomplishments.
My life doesn’t have to meet anyone else’s expectations.
I may be unhappy with some things in my life right now, but I’m working on them and I’m confident that in the future they will change.
I am still a good person even if other people don’t approve of my life.
My religious beliefs are still true even if my relatives disagree with me.
I don’t have to convert my relatives; God will change their hearts. I just have to love them and explain my beliefs to the best of my ability.


Merry Christmas everybody! and Happy Holidays and have a wonderful, peaceful winter season to anyone who does not celebrate Christmas!

Peace and love,


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