Wednesday, October 8, 2014

For the love of Dogs...

Amidst my insanely busy schedule, I have started volunteering at a local dog shelter. It has been the highlight of my week to spend time with these beautiful and terribly misunderstood dogs. Most of the dogs are pit bulls and they have a hard time being adopted because of their breeds reputation. It's so sad because they are all so sweet and rather timid. Also very hyper, but wouldn't you be if kept inside a shelter most of the day? There have been studies done that show that a humans touch can calm down another human, and the same is true of dogs. It's just incredible how far a half an hour walk can go for a dog that is learning to trust and love. And walking a dog has been such a stress reliever for me. Being focused on someone or something else that needs you really helps you put it all in perspective.

Maggie!!! Such a good dog.

 I miss my baby, Sparky!

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