Monday, October 13, 2014

Compassionate living

Posting again, because studying is boring. I really need to study though. My Christian and Muslim midterm is going to kill me.

I've just had a lot of thoughts lately, as one does when things are rough. I had a mini identity crisis in the last few weeks. I started questioning my whole moral system. Being on a college campus and participating in the 'weekend scene' does not lend itself to making the best decisions. And some decisions just made me ask: who am I? Of course I can't answer this question fully, but I have come to realize even when I feel lost and confused, it will be okay. This might be preachy so just a heads up. I realized I am who I most want to be when God is placed at the center of my life. For me this just means living as God wants me to. I'm so not into preaching and trying to convert people, but I will say that I want to show God's love through my actions and my life. A large task, I know. But alas, I am only human and I have many flaws. I have found that being aware of these flaws and admitting to mistakes is the best thing we can do.

Throughout the two years I have been meditating in a formal setting, the best thing I have learned is to just be aware, be present, and be compassionate (especially to yourself). It does wonders whenever I can do these things.

On that note, I had someone say today that they were feeling stressed out and unappreciated yesterday. Just wanted share someone compassionate words for that person and for anyone who is feeling this way: You are appreciated! You are the only you there is, and you are needed and loved.



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