Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Junior Year and Life is Beautiful

I have been back at school for about 2 weeks. I am a Junior in college, when did that happen? I often reread this blog as encouragement for the future. I look back to my freshman year of high school and the dark days of being a teenager. I am happy to say my life is drastically different and better. I am also glad that despite the changes that have occurred in the last five years or so, I can still that rebellious and ambitious MimiX within the Sarah Nadezhda I am today.

I have never cared if anyone reads my blog. I hope to continue it though because I like to see my progress and development. It has been confusing and it has been hard at times, but this is me. And I'm happy with that. Life is so beautiful and needs to be cherished and appreciated in every moment because this moment is all we truly has. Who knows what the world will be like tomorrow? We could wake up and realize we have been living in a dream world of illusion. But more than likely we will wake up and it will be more than less the same. The thing is, it is different. Everything about it and seemingly nothing.

We are given the gift of a new day through the grace and love of God. WE have the choice to make each day bright and new, all we have to do is be mindful and aware of the worlds great potential and there are endless things to be discovered.

So this post is totally cliche, and I'm okay with that because I am feeling strangely optimistic and excited for this new school year. It's going to be incredible, I can just tell.

Sarah Nadezhda

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