Wednesday, September 17, 2014

American Addiction

A recent poem:

Breathing in the sweet aroma of lust and agony
Breathing in I feel the warmth and pain
I taste every kiss and every tear
Deserted alone on the road I breath in

American spirits flying higher than the truth
Smoke engulfs me
grasping my heart my lungs 
Every breath like fire and ice
Comfort and irritation  
Happiness taken by trust

Breathing in i believe in him 
Breathing in i feel the temptation
Indulging my every urge
taking me higher and dragging me down

Take a drag, 
Blow it out. 

Feel the sensational calm
Feel the racing of a dying heart
the smoke clears a new path
He disappears on the wings of ashes 

Lungs give out

unable to hold the sadness of living 
American addiction:
     the only way

         I know how to forget

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