Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taken to Soon

Seventeen, hardly old enough to take on life,
             Let alone a man twice my age,
                   Twice my misery.
The waves beat against the shore,
Washing away my innocence as he whispered:
              Come with me,
                     Come with me.
Do I dare reply, answering the sirens call?
The summer air was thick with desire,
It wrapped itself around us like a blanket of sin.
And I nestled myself in it
              Clinging to the heat.
You pulled me in with the intoxicating aroma:
              Bitter sweet air
                  Tangy mellow American Spirits
On the road we stood,
Trying to understand our purpose.
We seemed to find it in the sense of touch.
Together we became one
          Purely physical,
               Barley emotional
In a second I was gone, lost:
But I gained pleasure and passion,
       What could be better than that?
(Certainly not my sanity and sanctity)
Seventeen years turned to twenty-five in the blink of his eye,
Becoming something I could not escape
Facing the island, facing my fears,
Facing you, facing me.
Erase the grievous night with another,
          Night after night
                Man after man
What's freely given cannot be taken.
Life goes on,
Moments passing like the waves.
Time doesn't stop ticking,
Unlike my mutilated heart
                  For comfort
                      For worth
A body easily given,
Is a soul always taken.

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