Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Beauty of Children

I have never considered myself a 'kid' person. Surprisingly, I've always done well with them. i volunteered at the school my parents work at and I have a ton of younger cousins. Seriously though, I have always said I never liked or wanted kids of my own. I recently went on a service trip to Buffalo NY where I worked at Nativity Miguel middle school. It was one of the most inspirational things I have ever done. It inspired me so much that when I got back to school, I wanted to continue to do similar work in the community. Now me and one of my best friends from SMC are leading an after school homework help programs at the local elementary school. We went to the school today to help for the first time. We worked in an ESL class room with five refuge kids. I worked with a kindergartner from Nepal with her reading and writing. She was so bright, but was still struggling with the simplest English words. It really put things into perspective for me. I stress so much about all my homework and freak out when I don't get an A. This girl was so happy when she managed to write five grammatically correct sentences. It just made me think that the things we worry about as adults are not as worth worrying about as we make them out to be. And these kids were so accepting. They didn't have any judgements or preconceived notions about us. They just saw that we were there to help. They didn't question if we were of good character or not, they just had faith we were. We can't we all be this accepting, innocent, and open to life?

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