Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break

     Over spring break I didn't do what someone typically thinks about when someone thinks about spring break.  No warm climate for me, I went back home to Maine and got braces. Not my ideal vacation, but I'll take it. It's amazing how much I appreciate being home doing nothing since I started college. Yes, I was bored sometimes but being bored doesn't really bother me anymore because being bored means that I dot have to be doing work or anything else; I don't get many chances like that at school 
     The most significant thin I did over break (besides getting braces, but that's not interesting at all) was volunteer at a local grade school where my mom works. I worked with grades fourth and fifth and it was a very enlightening way to spend my free time. I have never considered becoming a teacher since both my parents are and that career choice seems to close for comfort, but I could see my self doing it. I never saw myself as a kid friendly person either, but apparently my self perceptions are wrong. 
     I spent a good amount of my time at the school working with kids one on one who have different, minor learning disabilities. I sympathize with these kids. Having leaned about things such as ADHD, ADD and RAD in psych, I have some sense of what it might be like for these kids to keep up with the normal pace of typical classroom. One girl I sat with and helped stay focused on work, explaining instructions, etc. explained to me how she feels in class: “the work we do is like an cons wave and the whole class is surfing on the wave a I'm behind the wave."
This girl was very smart and quick to understand things, she just could not stay focused. Even with me holding her hand through all her work it was still a challenge. I have no idea how she gets anything done on a typical day. 
      Working with kids like this seemed Leo come easy to me. Doing it five days a week , I don't know if I coil handle that. I would be so worn out. Hopefully through a career in psych I can help kids or maybe I'll teach Sunday school or something that wouldn't require me to teach everyday. 
Another thing I enjoyed about working at the school was being able to share with them things they didn't know. I guess that's the joy of teaching. It made me realize that all the things I have ever learned in school that I questioned why we had to learn may actually come in handy, even if I just learned it to teach to some one else who may be able to use it in their life. 

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