Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Five People

     This week has been long thus far. There are lots of things (good and not so good) going on in my life, but none of these things I want to write about nor do feel inspired to write about. Since I have to write something because it is part of my grade, I needed some topic ideas. So I used Google and found some great prompts through the website Plinky ( The one I will be writing on this week is as followed: Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

     I am going to assume that these five people can be anyone, dead or alive. So here is my five: Jesus Christ, Socrates, my father, my mother, and my grandmother on my fathers’ side. There are hundreds of people I would love to meet spend time with in my life and it makes me sad I could not list all my friends and family. But these people are included in this list for specific and meaningful reasons. 

     First of all, Jesus is number one because I consider my self very religious person and meeting the man who is the foundation of the religion I practice. Spending my time with Him would make me a more faithful and generous person. Also, I think he would help me a understand a lot about my faith that I do not understand. And I love religious discussions and having them with Him would be incredibly fascinating. Spending time with Socrates might drive me crazy but it would also make me wise. He would help me understand the world and (more importantly) the people of the world. Doing this is what I seek to do in my life, hence why I am studying psychology. 

     I would like to spend my time with my parents because they are both people who I look up to and respect immensely. Talking with my parents is always interesting and I think they would make me wiser as well. Spending time with them would also teach me love. Being able to love someone and be loved is another thing I think we all strive for in my life. My father would also provide the music in my life (he is music teacher and fantastic musician himself) and my mother would provide me with books and knowledge (being the teacher and graduate student she is). They would both fill my time with fun because they are both fun to be with and we have great times together. The last person on my list is my Grammy because she has Alzheimer’s disease and I don’t know how much time I have left with her (or how much of that time she will know who I am). I would want to spend my time with her so that I could make however much time she has left amazing. Being with her I would learn about how to live a happy and full life (like she has) and also I would learn how to deal with and accept death. She would teach me how to be kind and how to take care of others in need, She has done this her whole life being a nurse, wife, mother, and finally grandmother. 

     Spending my time with all these people would definitely make my life a rich and interesting one. I think spending time with these people would help shape me into the picture perfect Sarah, if perfection actually existed. 

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