Monday, February 7, 2011

District II was awesome! It was held Friday and Saturday at a local high school, which was very nice. I loved our director! His name was Francisco Nunez. He is the director of the Young People's Chorus of New York City and is very attractive! he was also very funny and nice, but also brutally truthful which is good when it comes to choral music. But it was a lot of fun and we sang a lot of great music from all around the world. We did this Japanese piece that was really hard. I kind of just made up the words during the performance. We were probably the weakest choir out of the whole festival, but that is expected because it is freshmen and junior girls only.

Today was a normal Monday. Nothing interesting. Lots of work to do, but that's okay because most of it's long term stuff. I was in a very good mood today if your interested in that type of stuff. I don't know why. I guess because it was an easy day and I got to hang out with Jon yesterday which is a rare and amazing thing.

Oh and also because I have started planning out my classes for next year which is a scary but totally exciting thing! Because next year I actually get to take classes that are going to help me in my actual chosen career path. No pointless math classes or gym electives (only one next year, but w/e). Psychology, anatomy (chem teacher suggested it since I'm going into psychology), music theory and senior year here I come! Except not really for another 1/2 year, but that's okay!


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matryoshka said...

I loved senior year too because I could devote time to my favorite classes (like French and Spanish)and no time to unfavorite classes like calculus.