Monday, January 31, 2011

I made a note for myself to write today along side my to do list, and what do you know, it worked!

Normal school day today. But you probably don't know what my normal day is like so let me lay it out for you.

First period (starts at 7:25): (periods are 80 mins) AP English III with Sandy. This class can be very boring. Occasionally, it is interesting. We write essays and talk about current event/ writing techniques, that's it. I sit with my really good friend Georgia and we have fun passing notes and whispering about stuff then laughing hysterically about things that nobody else understands. Sandy is a very good teacher and is very nice to me, sometimes too nice. He told me I was beautiful the other day. It was awkward since we were alone in the room.

Home Room or advisory: Boring. talk to my friends for like 10 minutes, read announcements.

Study hall: Last semester this was yoga but second semester started today and Oh my god I hate SH. It is so dumb. We have to stay in the cafe and my study hall advisor is like a nazi and doesn't let you go anywhere even if you are a junior and have privileges which allows you to go anywhere during your study hall. And i can not focus to actually do study in study hall because i have friends to talk to. So i emailed my counselor today about having another gym class during this period to get my gym credit taken care of.

Lunch: at 10:32. Way to early, it is so weird. but it is a lot of fun. we have so manyt people that sit at our lunch table. An 8 person gtable fits 12-15 people. Craziness, but a lot of fun. Lots of very weir, inter sting, disgusting, strange, inappropriate, funny conversations go on during this time. Plus this is one of the only times I get to see Jon :)

Honors History: Easy class. Teacher is very nice and funny. And I have friends in this class too! The subject also fascinates me because I haven't really learned about it. (US history and current events).

Honors Chemistry: Oh my, i fail at this class. i try really hard, but science I can never get. I have no idea why I'm in honors. My teacher is also great, she is very funny and one of those teachers that everyone seems to like. I try to pretend that chem is potions at Hogwarts; it helps sometimes.

I take more classes but that is a different schedule that is on Tue/ Fri and another one for Wed. This one is for Mon/ Thur.

That was my day. I have very little homework, and we will probably have a snow day Wed so none of it would be due until Thursday anyway. Now I'm home watching tv, checking out fb and the blogs I follow and I'm going to practice piano a little so I'll write tomorrow!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh MY GOSH this is my 100th post! Woot! not gunna be that interesting though. I just wanted to write. I kinda want to write everyday, but I always forget so i'm going to bu a post it on my planner for school or something reminding me to post.

Anyways...this weekend i hung out with my friends <3 love em. We had a sleepover after we watched a local production of The Wedding Singer (which was awsome) and we had a children of the corn marathon. There are like 7 of them but we only had a couple of them. We wouldn't eat popcorn during it because we thought it was going to eat us an turn us into children. Then we drew pictures with crayons and made clay pots. Hahaha we are so mature. Then there was an epic procedure of getting a king sized blow-up mattress into a space tthat coukldnt fit a king sized matress. Oh and my friend got her car stuck in the snow and we could not get it out!! we were all out inj the morning in our PJ's trying to dig it out (lol actually I was laughing and stod there laughing) then my friend pushed me into the snow. We finally got the car unstuck after my other friend rocked it from neutral to reverse for like 5 minutes. I think my friend died a little when we got it unstuck. She was so happy she like made out w/ the ground. Very funny, kinda disturbing though.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


My resolutions:

1) stop procrastinating!!! which means no being on the computer so much

2) Find a living arragnment I can live with. Moving from mom/ dad's like this sucks

3) GET A JOB! I need $ for Paris and drivers ed.

4) Leave the Catholic church and join the UCC. This one isn't set in stone, I still need to talk to my parents/ the minister at the UCC

5) Read more

6) Blog more. I am going to try every day, but I don't know how well that will work.

7) Paractice guitar/ piano

8) Do better in school (mostly in chem...)

9) Go back to therapy

10) keep my room clean 24/7

11) Be a better person than I was in 2010