Thursday, December 23, 2010

SO, I have been meaning to write since Tuesday night (besides the little tiny post I posted) but there is this thing called the Internet which is an amazing and helpful creation but it is also the worst thing ever thought of by the human mind. I have wasted so much time this week on the Internet doing absolutely nothing of any real purpose.

When I wasn't wasting brain cells on facebook or playing tetris, I was cleaning, shopping, and cooking. We have made so many cookies in the last three days. Actually, I haven't made many because my sister and my Mon think I am incapable of making satisfactory cookies. So I burnt a few and broke a few. Big deal. I did make stuffed shells though, they came out nice. I don't usually cook, I kind of hate it and so I don't real put a whole lot of effort in when I actually do cook and that's probably why everything I make comes out like crap. I should work on that...

I have done so much cleaning though. For some strange reason I am the one that cleans up after my mom and sister cook. I have no idea how that works, but I feel like I have cleaned the kitchen a few to many times in one week.

I have also visited the mall twice. Or was it three times? I don't remember. But the mall is crazy and I don't understand why we couldn't do our x-mas shopping in one day instead of spreading it out over 3 days. I had to get my last gift today (a mall gift card for my family secret Santa) and I COULD NOT find the stupid place where you can buy those. If your wondering, it's in this tiny little store near sears on the right. I swear we walked around the mall 3 times before we finally decided to look at a directory to see if we could find it. Good times. But, all the shopping is done. I still have to wrap somethings (hahaha, just kidding. Everything.) Ya gift bags!

On Monday I went to a family Christmas party. It was my mom's mom's side of the family. There so many people. Dinner was crazy. We had like 3 dining room tables put together plus the coffee table for the little kids and there still wasn't enough room for everyone. There are so many cousins. First, seconds and thirds! I can honestly say I do not remember all of the names. It was kind of awkward because I hadn't seen any of my family for so long because i have been spending a lot of time at my dad's. It was really good to see everyone again though. And it was so much fun! My cousins are so funny! I don't even know what they do that is so amusing, just everything I guess from the things that they say to the way that they act around each other. Oh I love my cousins, there awesome.

Tuesday was a very interesting day to say the least. It was also an incredible day. Jon came over and we hung out all day. It was awesome, we never get to do that. Ever. So it was really nice. We played in the snow, made a fort out of blankets, failed at making a for out of blankets, and just hung out and talked.Oh and Jon gave me his Christmas gifts!!! He got me a really pretty scarf and this hanging elephant thing ( i love elephants if you didn't know) and a beautiful bracelet with stars on it! Such great gifts! and there is a really funny story about the bracelet. Well, I think it's funny. I don't know if he does. So, he told me that he was intimidated to be in a jewelry store and that the sales lady kind of intimidated him into buying something. End story. Well, I thought it was cute. Anyway, later on we met up with our friend Molly in the old port. We went on a journey to find this palm reading place me and Jon had googled. we successfully located the place with he use of google maps on my ipod to find that it was no longer the psychic place, but an ice cream store. But then as we were mindlessly walking around attempting to find a place to eat that was vegan (for a friend we were suppose to be meeting, whom actually didn't come to dinner with us.) and that had a wide varieties of food so that Molly, worlds pickiest eater, could find something to eat. We finally stumbled upon Pat's Pizza which conveniently was placed next to a psychic and hookah place. But the lady couldn't do any readings because she had gotten robbed the night before and she didn't wasn't her bad luck to taint our fortunes. But we had a good dinner and very intersting conversations about all the prego girls at our school and about how much had to happen for us to all become friends (me moving to Windham and such). Then we went to Mexicali Blues and me and Molly bought bindis. We looked so cool walking around Portland with those on our foreheads. Then we took another epic journey to find this cafe where we were meting some more people at for a slam poetry night. I had the map up one my ipod and everything, but we still kind of got lost walking like literally 15 minutes away from where we started. We made jon go into a deli and ask this guy how to get there. We did get there eventually. It was a very fun walk although it was kind of freezing. The poetry slam thing was amazing! Jon read and he did a great job. There were so many good poets and some of them were really funny. Especially this one poem this guy read about what he was going to say to his daughters first boyfriend (intimidation and all that good stuff) and Just looked Jon just and said "yep, that's my dad". I feel like I learned a lot through those poems about the people reading them, and life. It was really cool. One the way home (my friend was driving) I could not give proper directions to my house at all, so we had to wipe out her GPS. Oh technology.

And that's been my week. More to come I'm sure...


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