Friday, December 17, 2010

On Vacation and Writing a Blog

I really wish I was better at keeping a blog. I use to be pretty consistent about it, but that is way beck when I had a lot of free time after school and a ton of study halls. But I have been so busy with school and theater and such and I only have one study hall a week. One. And that study hall is never used for studying, it is used to hang out with Jon ;) But I am on Christmas vacation starting today! So, I suppose I could take a few minutes to get you all caught up on my terribly uninteresting life...

Well, the fall musical has come and gone. As usual, it was a fantastic show and it was a blast to be a part of. During our hell week (the crazy week before the show opens, dress rehearsals, etc) was very stressful and many of us were beginning to believe that the show was going to be any good at all. But it came together so quickly and ended up being one of the best musicals the high school has done in a while. We had so many people come to every show every night, it was awesome!

The week after the musical closed was Thanksgiving break. I didn't do much over that break. We had a bunch of people (aunt, uncle, cousins, step cousin, step grandmother, step brother) come to my dad's house for thanksgiving dinner. That went really well; everybody got along really well. it was strange, i feel like every other family dinner i have been at 9mostly on my mom's side of the family) there has been some sort of 'family drama'. But, there wasn't and we all had a great day/ night. And oh my god there was so much food. So much. Yummmmm! I swear all I ate that week was left over mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Oh and I got to experience the craziness of black Friday at the Maine Mall! My dad woke me up at 4:30 in the frigging morning to go to the mall. The mall. I really don't enjoy the mall when its so incredibly packed that the lines are out the door. But there were really great deals. I didn't think that they would be any really amazing sales like people made it out to be, but there truly was and I got most of my shopping done.

When we got back to school after break, we went right into hell week for An American Family Holiday (Amfam), our amazingly awesome chamber singers Christmas concert. This hell week was so much fun! There was a ton of work to be done (I untangled so many lights and measured so many things) but we all have a really great time working together. We usually convert the musical set into our set for Amfam, so that is what we spend most of hell week doing. Our set came out awesome! it was a white house and red barn painted with Christmas decorations, snow, pine trees; all the stereotypical Maine at Christmas time types of things. Both shows were completely sold out. That meant soooo many tickets to be processed. I did a lot of work in our ticket office (we literally have a ticket office in one of the music practice rooms)this year. It's fun, there are just so many tickets that have to be pullet, envelopes to be addressed and so forth. Our guest for Amfam this year was Sutton Foster, famous broadway actress. She was the original (I think the only) Fiona in Shrek the Musical on Broadway and she was also the original Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie along with many other Broadway shows. She is such an incredible actress and singer! And she is so down to earth. Everyone was so afraid that she was going to be a diva, but she wasn't at all!! she was so nice and easy to. I went out to dinner with her, my dad, the chamber singers officers, Linda, Anna, and the pit band. Sutton sat across from me ad I nearly peed. It was so awesome to bea ble to talk to her; she is just a really chill and free-spirited type of person. The whole Amfam experience was amazing and it was so sad the next day when it was over, but it wasn't all that bad because I got to hang out with Jon. ;)

The next 2 weeks were boring. Nothing happened, seriously. There was school and that was about it. I auditioned for the one act, The Happy Prince. It has such a good storyline, very sad though. I didn't make it. I thought I had a very good audition, and according to other people I did too. But it's okay. There's always next year. I will still be doing backstage to prove to the director (Who i think plays favorites and who doesn't like me a whole bunch, and I don't say that just because I didn't make the show) how dedicated I am.

And now here I am, on vacation! :D I spent another epic, expensive ( I seriously have $10 in my bank account :/ ) day at the mall and a beautiful Christmas lights and fireworks filled night in the old port. Tomorrow I'm off to party it up with the family!


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Haleine said...

I too was up at 4:30 on Black Friday but so I could get to work, not so I could go shopping.

Have a great winter vacation...