Sunday, October 10, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend (that was like 3 weeks ago)

So I'm in PA visiting my godmother and my cousins (my cousins: JA and Mac, they're twins, 14 and Kay, 16) this weekend. My sis, my Nana, and me left at 12:30 on Friday afternoon and we didn't get to my aunts house until 10:30. Seriously, 10 hours in a car with my Nana and Anna is not exactly how i wanted to spend my Friday. And my grandmother is a crazy driver. I didn't feel safe driving with her. She will go wicked fast then stop really quickly and she is absolutely horrible at parking. We got so many dirty looks from other drivers. What was nice though is that she has a van and I got the back seat all to my self, so there was a ton of room. I slept most of the way and pretended to be asleep the rest of the way while listening to my iPod.

My aunt lives in a really cute town where everything is pretty much walking distance. I mean the downtown w/ shops and restaurants are about a 15 minute walk and the shopping plaza with the grocery store (which is called Acme, which I thought was weird) is like a 5 minute walk. So when we got there me, Anna, and my cousins decided to walk to a gas station to get food. It was very random. I have to say it was very awkward at first because all of us were really quite and we hadn't seen each other in a super long time. But it got better, slowly, but it did. The nexxt morning we went to a bazaar type thing where they had a ton of different booths of things to buy. My aunt bought me an awesome Burberyy purse and a hair clip. we then went to lunch at Salad Works. We don't have a salad works near me, not even in Maine i don't think. It is such an awesome place! They have the best salads. It's like a Subway for salads, but more high quality. Just saying it's awesome....

Any way, when we got home we help my aunt clean out her back yard. There was just a bunch of weeding to do especially around her wicked cool pond that has a ton of fish in it (gold fish that is). It's really pretty.

During this cleaning time me and my cousin Kay went to Acme to get trash bags. While we were there Kay bought some black hair dye. I found this amazingly awesome red hair dye for naturally dark hair, but since my sis was there I didn't buy it. Later me and my cousin went out again with her friend (without my sis) to go buy the hair dye. On the way there my cousin decided to have a cigarette. Now I know she smoked, but I didn't think she would with me around because well, she had no idea if I would tell on her or not. Of course I wouldn't, but my sis would. So, she offered me one and I took it.

Okay, so I don't smoke a lot. I have, and it wasn't as repulsive as i thought it would be and honestly i actually kind of liked it. So ya, I smoked probably to much in one weekend. But whatever, I really don't do it a lot, just occasional; I was in a rebellious mood.

Later, my cousin was about to do my hair when we got home, but my sister called my dad so I could ask him if i could dye my hair. he said no. So my aunt called him. Final result: i got my hair dyed an awesome shade of red.

That night, my cousin Kay, went to a pary. My other cousins and my sister watched a movie and I talked to jon on skype for like 5 hours. I was sitting at the garage at like one in the morning ( i was in the garage so that no one would hear me talking, they have a small house). My aunt came in and asked me if Kay was home yet (her curfew was at 12). So me and my aunt went to go pick her up. My aunt was pissed since Kay told her she was getting a ride home. Kay was obviously drunk when we picked her up and they fought the whole way home. So when we got home, I stayed out side with Kay till 4 in the morning and we talked about everything. It's sad. My whole family has always thought of Kay as "a bad kid" since forever because her mom is so chill and she was dressing like a teenager since she was 10 and she never made the best decisions, but she is really not a "bad kid". She has just been through so much with her dad being sick and pretty much dying her entire life. She has done a lot of things she shouldn't have. But she is trying to change. She even made the decision to transfer to a Private Catholic school to get away from all the drama at her other school.

The next morning we had to go to church, I was pissed. I hadn't been to church forever and when I do go to a church, I don't go to a catholic church like I was brought up in but the UCC where my dad works. And recently I have (for the time being) decided that I am agnostic, mostly because I don't know what I believe, but I do know that i really can't believe any more the things the catholic church teaches, I respect anyone that is catholic or any other religion, I just don't want to be a part of it anymore. So, anyway in church there was some southern minister talking about abortion the entire time, about how it was murder and how you shouldn't put your kids up for adoption because it's wrong. I don't even want to get into how mad this made me but I think you can understand knowing that I am adopted. And it also really made me mad how happy my grandmother was with his sermon, but I told her I just didn't want to talk about it because I would get in a fight with her. She looked hurt, but I did not want to get into it. Also at church, when my cousin JA went up to get the Eucharist,she forgot what to say. (You say 'Amen' after the priest says 'The body of Christ'.) and then the priest was like "Amen?" and my cousin took the Eucharist and like, booked it out of the church. It was really awkward because thee priest like stoped the communion and stared at her running out. Maybe because she didn't know what to say or maybe it was because she was wearing all black. I was the next one in line for Communion and i didn't take the Eucharist because I felt like it was hypocritical since i don't believe in God. He probably thought our family was crazy.

After chrurch we went to the mall and my aunbt took Kay, Mcari and me to ger our second holes in our ears done. My mom does not approve of this and we didn't ask her but we got them do anyway. (I had them done about a year ago, but my mom saw them and made me take them out). So we got those done, and theuy looked graet. Then we went shopping and then hung out the reat of the day. Oh yeah, Kay went in a car with some of her guy friends when my aunt wasn't home, but my grandmother was. my grandmother told her not to go with them, but she didn't listen and she just left. She came home later and got into this huge fight with my grandmother about how our whole family assumes that she is such a bad person even though she's not. There is always family drama...

That night we dyed my sisters hair from brown to blonde and that's about it.

We left about 10 the next morning to go home and the ride was boring and long.

So that was my long weekend. I had a lot of fun hanging out with my cousins and my aunt and I got to dye my hair/ get my ears pierced! I also learned alot about myself this weekend: 1) I will always and forever have a rebellious side 2) so i really need to stay out of situations in which I will be tempted to do stupid things

Oh the things you learn in a small town in PA...

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