Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So, Im attempting to study for chem and I am an epic faluire at that. I am so stressed out with all my AP English work and this stupid test!!! I just wish I had till friday to study for it and my life would be so much easier!!! ahhhhhhhh I can't fail! I think I understand everything I just need more time to engrave it in my brain....I hate chem it has to much damn math! And not the easy kind :/

But it's gunna be okay. I just have to keep telling myself that and maybe it will become true.

Even though I am really stressed I am so happy, for once. It's amazing.

Side story, but Jon wrote me a poem, and it's a really good poem. (I might post it at some point.) And he left it in my locker. So sweet.

So now when ever I get discouraged, I read the poem and think of the incredible guy who wrote it for me and I can't help but smile and feel amazing. :)

Anyway, back to studying....

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Haleine said...

Deep breath. Everything will be okay!!