Thursday, September 30, 2010


Your probably expecting some awesome post about something awesome that happened in my life, right? HAHAHA, sorry. They just unblocked Blogger from our school netbooks! So now I have something to do in all my ridiculous boring classes. I'm in honors US history now sitting at my teachers desk because my laptop died and the only available outlet is behind her desk. So, this week is spirit week because homecoming is this weekemd. Monday was pajama day, obviously I wore my AMAZING purple flannel pants. Tuesday was tie dye day. I had a shirt. Wednesday was wacky Wednesday.There were so many bizarre things. One of the teahcers was all in camo with maks and all. It was scary. I wore fishnets with cut off jeans, one knee sock that was bright pink and one of those cut of shirts witrh one sleeve. And the best part of my outfit was my blazer from private school! I was judged greatly. Today is food day. Ya food day. The homecoming theme is the 5 food groups. Juniors are dairy. I have seen so many banana and hot dog suits and people doing strange things with those suits. Okay people its not that funny lets act our age. I have also seen a chicken costume, Wendy (like the fast food restaurant), a guy in a gorilla suit (?) and people dressed like zombies. Zombies are not food. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Just because zombies eat people doesn't make them food related( that's what a freshman told me today.)Oh I love My school. I have seen so many crazy things. Even when it's not spirit week, their is always that one guy dressed up like a mattress. Ya someone did that, just for fun.

So i should probably participate in the class discussion on how the US has changed in terms of diversity :/ fun times


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