Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how come your the only one that can still make me cry? What is it that makes me cry when I have to be with you? please know that for some strange reason, I can't control my tears around you. it shouln't be like this. I can't stand the way you tell me all the things I do wrong and tell me about all the things I should be doing instead of support what I already do and love. you say you're trying to help me, but it isn't helping. Pointing out all things I know are wrong with me just stresses me out. the way you rant at me about all the things that make me a horrible daughter and a 'mean person' makes me feel like crap. I wish i could talk to you about everything without it turning into a fight, because honestley I need to talk to you. Why does everything have to be so hard between us? why do u have to yell? It really upsets me, so much. why do you have to tell me "not to look at you like that" when what i am trying to do is hold back tears. Why can't I tell you how i'm feling without being called a drama queen? that term makes me feel like my feelings don't matter. I know your doing your best and you say you do love me, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. i know there are lot of things you do for me, but there are somethings you don't do. Like look at things from my point of veiw, or try to understand how i am feeling. I wish i i actually did want to talk to you about my day, but I don't for fear that it will turn into another fight. I just wish things were okay between us, but there not, sorry.

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