Friday, August 20, 2010

Sooo, I want this dog...or this type of dog. I met one that lives on my street today ans she is so cute and well behaved and so sweet. It is a German Shepard and Siberian husky mix! OMG I want one and would probably name her Latika or Mimi. If it was a boy, I'd name him Carlisle.

Random thoughts by MX

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Story I wrot about Montreal...

The Closest Thing To Europe

Somehow I feel like I will never forget that day. The warm May sun beat down on us as the cool breeze tugged gently at our hair.
“I can’t believe we’re finally here” I whispered in your ear as you softly kissed my head. Everything felt so right being here, together.
As we strolled down the narrow, winding streets of Old City, Montréal, I looked around trying to take everything in. It is all so beautiful and perfect, it is almost overwhelming. All around us are old, magnificent buildings designed in an authentic European style; all made of ancient stone and brick with wooden doors. My father always told me that traveling to the Old City was the closest thing to traveling to Europe without crossing the ocean. Never had he been so right.
Little cafés line the streets and people gather in the squares to watch street performers and mimes. The aroma of various different foods that had drifted out of restaurants open windows mixed with the fragrance of pipe smoke filled the air. And the sound of city life followed us everywhere; the roar of mopeds, the hum of conversations in thick Canadian French, the click-clop of horse hooves against the coble stone, plus the joyful noise of the music festival that was going on that day. All these things combined with the charming sound of your laughter, is the most stunning noise I have ever heard.
As we enter Place Jacques- Cartier, the fresh scent of flowers is overpowering. The square is filled with an astounding array of brightly colored flowers and various, unique street venders selling all kinds of merchandise. The hysterical laughter of a group of high school students fills the square as they watch, in outstanding amusement, a street mime tease their friends. It’s hot, and we’re both sweating, but we hold hands anyway. My fingers interlocked in yours feels so incredibly right, I don’t want to let go. I looked up at the sky, which is a dark blue eliminated with what little sunlight was left. The air was clear as crystals when they shine in the light. Taking a deep breath, I swear I could taste the bitter sweetness of Montréal’s city air.
After a marvelous day with you, I stop to take a final glance of admiration for the scenic, deep-rooted buildings, the rigid streets, the dazzling flora, and for the city in which I had fallen in love in. As we walked hand in hand through this picturesque world we had fallen in love with and in, I realized somehow I would never forget this day.

Summer Update

So I can not sleep at all. I am not tired at all. I think it's that damn redvine I ate at like 8 at night. They taste like crap, so don't buy them. I had to (if you've seen A Very Potter Musical, you'd understand)
Jon can't sleep either so we're playing truth or dare over text skype chat. I kind of suck at that game. We're basically just doing truths because it's quit hard to do dares when your not together. So, I'm running out of truths. But oh well, I just want to talk to him. I've seen him like twice this summer because he works at an all boys camp as a counselor and then when he got done work he was sick for a week. So, that's pretty much sucked, but it's all good becuase I'll hopefully see him tomorow (well, today...later).
This summer has been one of the most laid back summers I have ever had, which is good I guess. Actually, no that's a really good thing because I have had so much AP summer work to do. I have one more essay due Monday, and then I'm done! For the summer, which is kid of sad becaue school starts like a week later. And I have yet to start this essay, by the way.
I did go to Canada with my dad. We drove the hour from my camp to Canada, just to see Godspell at a local high school. I love my dad. It was an awesome production and Godspells my favorite musical next to Rent, so the drive was so worth it.
I also spent I weekend in North Conway for my friends sweet sixteen! And it was very sweet...we had a limo and we stayed in this awesome hotel room themed as a movie theater and of course we went shopping! It was cool and all, but it was increadibly awkward because the girl who's birthday it was, I'm really not good friends with, like at all. And I wasn't friends with anyone else that went either. But I guess I made the best of it.
I've had a lot of quality time at my grandparents camp in the middle of nowhere, I've spent a lot of time wwith my dad, some time with my friends (they are all working, it's not fair!), a few days working at a cleaning job, and the rest of the summer doing nothing! :)

SO I'm still not tired, so I'm probaly going to post about the tour i went to with the choir becasue I haven't done that yet...