Sunday, March 7, 2010

I just realized that I haven't posted once this year. I've just been to busy. I'm telling you, theater neats up your time. It's worth it though. I just finneshed a production of ALiCE, A One Act. it came in seconnd in our regional dramma festival :) My next show I am doing is called ZAP! It's suppose to be a very funny play and there is a Russian role in it that I really hope I get!

Other then drama, I have had massive amounts of homework to do because I missed some school when I went to Florida. That was a lot of fun, I go to see my cousins whio just moved back from South Korea and my uncel who got back from Iraq 9 months ago. That was the first time me and my sis flew alone. kinda scary....

Schools going. Good grades, I love my friends, and i have awesome classes. I am taking guitar <3, but I'm not very good :/ Oh well.

oh ya, and I turned 16 on monday :D It's really not that exciting though. I didn't have a party or anything because 0f one acts, which was fine. But I did get a braclet from Russia that my parents got when they adopted me and my sis. I thought that was so special!

What boys, no drivers ed. Hmmm there's Maya4Life who has declared shew never wants to speak top me again because of a stupid prank. w/e I have great friends that I've made this year.

I've been reading breaking Dawn and I am in love with it! One of my friends reminds me so much of edward and when he takes off his shirt, ahhh! :)

alright, that all for now. Hopefully i'll have the time to write again soon!


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