Sunday, October 4, 2009

MA VIE (My Life)

I'm BACK! I actually haven't been anywhere, but just haven't bothered writing a post for awhile for a few reasons One: I am extremely busy with drama/ chamber singers and of course school. Two: I'm LAZY, and three: Facebook always distracts me every SINGLE TIME I go online.

Well, lots of stuff has been going on since my last post. First of all, I started school. I am absolutely loving high school, and I mean everything about it! I have made so many great friends who I have really connected with. My classes are challenging, but in a good way. We have already covered a lot of material in such a short amount of time and the classes are actually (for the most part) interesting and okay to sit through. (Which is a plus, since our classes are 80 minutes.) AND I have ALL A's!! Even in geometry! My geo. teacher is out there, he is a great teacher and very nice, but he is different. My dad described him to me as Kramer for Seinfeld.

I also have my dad as a teacher every day and I have to say I am enjoying that a lot. I have learned so much in his music theory class and I am really excited that we are working on sight reading in chours.

Drama is also going amazingly well and I can not believe how fast our show(Oliver) is coming together. I am also super pumped to be playing a orphan, a boy, a woman, and a police. My many personalities should be very interesting to play and watch. Chamber singers has been so much fun and it is a great time to hangout with my friends because we all have such different schedules. The songs we are preparing for our big Christmas concert are just beautiful and I think for some of the songs, there will be some tears...

YE, that's my life right now. Everything is going great. I really haven't been this happy for a long time and I'm loving it!

I really haven't been missing my old school, except for my theology class, but I'm guessing you all could have guessed that. BUT I joined the youth group at my dad and his fiance's congregation, and I am looking forward to having some kind of theological activity I can participate in outside of just mass.

That's all for now,

MX :)


Haleine said...

Glad to hear things are going well and that you're loving school.

Facebook also distracts me every single time I go online. None of us are immune...

matryoshka said...

that is exactly why I don't have time!!! :)