Monday, August 31, 2009

Back From A Week Of Rehearsals

I start school in two days!!!! I am so excited. Well, I'm excited about going back, but not about writing that last essay due on the day school starts!

So, all this week I have been at my high school doing chamber singers and drama rehearsals! It has been a blast! For anyone that doesn't know, chamber singers is our schools big choir that tours and is rather well known in New England, Canada, and Europe. And I finally get to be a part of it. I say finally because my dad is the director of the group and I have watched them preform for so many years, but now I get to preform with them. And btw, we are doing Oliver for our fall musical! What a step up from the Time Machine and Starmites! (They were fun though, but wicked lame I have to say.)

Today we (chamber singers) had our first concert for all the faculty in the school district. We did four songs (all I actually really liked) and we did stomp/ haul out a can. That was the funniest one to do. Again, if you don't know (I know some of you don't because you don't even know me) stomp/ haul out a can is this song my dad kind of made up with trash cans, barrels, etc as a percussion section and the choir does this dance involving posing, stomping, and clapping. It's pretty sweet. This year we actually added a 'We Will Rock You' section in the middle because my sis heard it on a CD and suggested it to my dad.

Anyway, the concert went great, I think, for only having one week of rehearsals. And it was so much fun! I felt so comfortable on stage and I really felt (for once) that I belonged where I was. We also went out to breakfast afterwards and we had some much fun just talking to each other about what we are looking forward to doing in the group.

I already knew some of the kids in CS and drama, so that was good, but I have also made a lot of new friends. And I have friends that are from all grades. At my old school that really wasn't socially accepted (as stupid as it sounds). But here it is what everyone does, which is great because we all know upper class men are the cool people. Hahaha, I just say that cuz I'm not a freshmen anymore, so I can say that. Actually. anyone who does drama, they are the cool people in my eyes.

What else? Oh yeah, I also went to a beginning of school sleepover last night with a bunch of girls from CS. We had so much fun! We watched movies and played Disney Scene It (we're all Disney freaks, btw) and we probably stayed up later then we should have since we had a concert today. But with some coffee, we were all set to go! We laughed so hard last night and everything we talked about they said: "Don't tell Dr. D!" (That's what they call my dad.) Haha, I have been Daughter D by one of the seniors. They all thought that I would be like a double agent for my dad about things people from the choir say (not that they're saying anything really bad), but I assured them he will hear nothing from me unless someone threatens me, someone else, or themselves (aka, suicidal). And I didn't feel awkward around them at all. Usually if I stay over someones house that I don't know very well, it feels super awkward for me. But hanging out with everyone is kind of like (for me anyway) when you see those cousins that you haven't seen in months. It's awkward for a whole 10 minutes, but then your laughing and talking like you are best friends.

There's one more huge event that has happened since the last time I wrote. My dad and his girlfriend got engaged, and we moved into her house! (Actually it wasn't in that order, but w/e.) I am so happy for the both of them and I am really excited that, I guess my knew part time home, is so close to my new school. My dad's fiance is really nice and her kids are to (but they are in college and left home a few days ago) And I am really glad that we get to live with them and be apart of their family.

WELL, I need to stop looking at a computer screen because I think my eye is infected (I need new contacts).

Peace 0ut,


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