Friday, June 5, 2009

YearBook Entries

I AM GOING TO MISS EVERYONE FROM SCHOOL!!!!!!! I have so many friends that mean so much more to me then I thought, so saying goodbye is going to be sad. :( I will not lose contact with these wonderful people. Well, how can you with Facebook around? (That is, if your not grounded.)

I had my french final. Tres bien, I think. My teacher said she was disappointed that I was transferring schools. Who isn't? My friends at my new school aren't, anyway. Oh and Maya4life, but I haven't talked to her forever!!!! :( That's very depressing.

I also took my English and theology finals. I felt they both went pretty well. I only have science and history on Monday, and I'm free! Wait, no I'm not...I have to get a job. Oh well, work never hurt anyone. Neither did money!

Today I said goodbye to some of my friends that I wont see on Monday like Tiki (who is also transferring schools), Bee (my therapy and drama bff), and Mp because I don't think I'll see him either on Monday. But I gave him the URL to this blog! Hope he reads it, if he doesn't oh well. At least my dad does, love you Papa! My mom would to, but I don't feel like giving her the URL yet.

Anywho, here are somethings people wrote in my yearbook:


Don't put any more holes in your ears...haha.jk!
Have a good summer!


(She is, was, in my theology class)

My bff, we have endured sooo much together, crazy drama stuff, therapy (haha.)
I love you sooo much

XO Bee

(Aww, I'm gunna miss my drama/ therapy sister!)


you're a really cool person and I'll miss you next year when you leave :( French class definitely won't be the same without you...


(My ex-crush!!! We are still friends, btw. He just doesn't want to date, w/e. Whoever his ex is, just broke his heart. How rude.)


It has been an absolute joy sitting next to you everyday! I love how ADD we are in science & sitting next to you in English was fun & being like one of four concert choir members who sang in mass! Drama was...well WOW. Haha. We will be friends for the rest of high school! I really hope you are in my science class next year! OMG, Pinopolo and the pie equation (pie + apple= apple pie)
Oh, and Mr. B totally ruined sunsets, chocolate cookies, and the blue sky *major sigh*
I am going to miss you tons this summer!


( I don't think I've written about her...she was in a choir with me since 7Th grade and we ended up gong to the same school and now we are like BBFs)

This is my fav:

I am very sorry to know that you will not be returning next year. Remember that you can always com back if things don't work out next year. Don't forget you will always be a stag!
I had a pleasure getting to know you in class this year. See you next year at some b-ball games!




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