Monday, June 22, 2009

My Summer Has Begun

I haven't written in awhile, I know. I have been out of school for 2 weeks and I am proud to say I haven't done much. I went to the movies and a baseball game. I babysat too. The rest of the time I was either at home watching TV/ sleeping, or I was at my mom/ dad's work helping out.

Yesterday, we had a great father's day. We had a cookout at my dad's girlfriend's house. Both her daughter and son were there; they are both very nice and fun to hang with, especially her son who is 21. That's how old my brother who lives in Russia would be. I have always wanted an older brother, that's why I guess I like him so much.

Anyway, we got my dad a really nice GPS fr a gift because he had another one, but it was stolen. I was that me and my sis bought it with our own money we got from babysitting.

Today we moved back in with my mom who has been in Illinois doing some research trip on Abraham Lincoln. She bought a new TV and an ipod today. I am so glad she has finally decided to join the 21st century. Big step.

Ohhhh, and today I told my Grandmother I am going to transfer schools. She took it a lot better then I thought she would. See, my Grandfather and my uncles went to my old school and I was the first girl in the family to go there. It use to be an all boys school, btw.

Finally, I went counseling this week. I really don't like counseling (which is technically called psychotherapy). We talked about how I need to stop thinking negative thoughts about my self and start thinking positive ones, w/e. My counselor is just really annoying sometimes and the sessions just keep getting more emotional. We also talked about how much I already miss my friends and teachers from my old school. And that reminds me, MP if ever read my blog, can you please leave me a comment or something, because I really want to know who is looking at what I write. And I miss you!

What I am I going to do without a theology class next year? lol.


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matryoshka said...

you got into WCS!!!!!!! That's so AWESOME!! yes, I know this was the last post, but when I read blogs at work (which I never do) my dashboard doesn't always update properly, so I didn't see the other post until this morning..I feel AWFUL that I didn't comment before! But I'm so excited!! That rocks!!! maybe Jupiter will want to be in one day too!