Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Have Survived 9th Grade! WOW!

I can not believe a year has gone by so fast. I can not believe I am done being a freshmen. I can't believe I have finished finals with straight A's (I think). And I can not believe I am transferring schools

Yesterday I shadowed (or followed some one around all day) at my new high school. G was very nice and I had an absolutely wonderful day with her. It was her last day of school, so we mostly hung out in the class rooms, but I got an idea of what the teachers, schedules, students, etc.. would be like. It was very fun and I saw a lot of my old friends and was also introduced to new ones. I also had choir practice after school. I made my dad's choir that is very well known and respected. All the friends I made yesterday (and G) made this choir. I have watched this choir singing since I was very young and I have always dreamed of being in it, now I am! They learn so much in the choir but they also have a great time doing. This choir has such a wonderful family atmosphere, and I feel so welcome there. No one seems to mind that my dad is the director, which is such a relief.

Over all, I had an awesome day at my new school and it wasn't even awkward having my dad as a teacher! It was actually very interesting because he is very good at what he does, which is teach students to be wonderful performers.

You have no idea how grateful and thankful that my parents, the school, the students, etc.. are giving me the chance to try this different high school. I am also so glad that there are all so accepting of me and they make me feel like I belong.

Now I actually can't wait to go back to school, which is something I never looked forward to at my other school.

Tuesday and today, I have been helping where my mom works, which is at an elementary school teaching fifth grade. I have loved meeting her class and getting to work with them. I have been able to help with math and I also got to lead a reading lesson. This is such great practice for me because I want to be a teacher some day.

There are also some students that I have seemed to connect with in such a short amount of time. MayaH in particular has been very accepting of me. My mom has told me that she does not always listen, and that she gets in trouble. Then she also told me that her mother abandoned her and she now lives with her aunt. No wonder this girl is wanting to be rebellious. But she has been so sweet to me, and I have really enjoyed helping her,

I wish I could spend more time with these kids and get to know them better, but tomorrow is my moms last day of work so I won't get to see them. :( But I am coming back tomorrow for their little party and I hope to spend more time in my mom's classroom next year.

Well, time to have a reading circle with the while my mom is in a meeting.


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