Monday, June 1, 2009

Earrings and Stress

I haven't written lately partly because I don't want to, partly because I have been studying for finals, and partly because I have been feeling very depressed and confused lately. I pierced my ears. Twice. My parents are ticked, my sister is upset, and Mp dose NOT approve. What can I say? I wanted them done, so I did them. But no more, I swear. Ever. I don't need anymore holes in my body. I have just been so confused about this, because my parents were confused about why i decided to do something I knew i shouldn't be doing. They think it was an act of self harm. It wasn't. It started out that way, but just ended with me wanting my ears pierced.

And I have felt very stressed lately. Finials start this week. I have an audition for my dad's choir at my new school next year. And I have been having second thoughts about transferring schools. I mean, I still WANT to,but it is just going to be harder then I thought. I am going to miss my friends, theology and Mp sooo much! And know one knows I am leaving yet and I don't know how to tell them.

I need to tell Mp, like, tomorrow. We have our last class. But he is upset with me now because he told me not to get anymore piercings, and I did. I'm gunna miss him and his over-protectiveness.

I don't know what else to say, there's to much stress with the end of the year. And having my parents all mad and not trusting me, makes it worse. I guess it's mine own fault, but still. Having to deal with this is making me feel more depressed and anxious.

Write again after finals...


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matryoshka said...

As long as it was just ear piercings and not belly or toungue piercing!! I have two holes in each ear myself :)

Take a breath..take one day at a hour at a time if you need too. You know in your heart where you want to be..and your friends will be with you when you're there :)