Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new haircut

When I started this blog I was never going to post any pics of myself, but I just got a new haircut and I love it! You have to understand that I have always had long hair and this is the shortest I've had it. I cut it a couple years ago short, but not this short. SO, today I donated 11.5 inches of hair to lock of love. Here it is:

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Summer Has Begun

I haven't written in awhile, I know. I have been out of school for 2 weeks and I am proud to say I haven't done much. I went to the movies and a baseball game. I babysat too. The rest of the time I was either at home watching TV/ sleeping, or I was at my mom/ dad's work helping out.

Yesterday, we had a great father's day. We had a cookout at my dad's girlfriend's house. Both her daughter and son were there; they are both very nice and fun to hang with, especially her son who is 21. That's how old my brother who lives in Russia would be. I have always wanted an older brother, that's why I guess I like him so much.

Anyway, we got my dad a really nice GPS fr a gift because he had another one, but it was stolen. I was that me and my sis bought it with our own money we got from babysitting.

Today we moved back in with my mom who has been in Illinois doing some research trip on Abraham Lincoln. She bought a new TV and an ipod today. I am so glad she has finally decided to join the 21st century. Big step.

Ohhhh, and today I told my Grandmother I am going to transfer schools. She took it a lot better then I thought she would. See, my Grandfather and my uncles went to my old school and I was the first girl in the family to go there. It use to be an all boys school, btw.

Finally, I went counseling this week. I really don't like counseling (which is technically called psychotherapy). We talked about how I need to stop thinking negative thoughts about my self and start thinking positive ones, w/e. My counselor is just really annoying sometimes and the sessions just keep getting more emotional. We also talked about how much I already miss my friends and teachers from my old school. And that reminds me, MP if ever read my blog, can you please leave me a comment or something, because I really want to know who is looking at what I write. And I miss you!

What I am I going to do without a theology class next year? lol.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Have Survived 9th Grade! WOW!

I can not believe a year has gone by so fast. I can not believe I am done being a freshmen. I can't believe I have finished finals with straight A's (I think). And I can not believe I am transferring schools

Yesterday I shadowed (or followed some one around all day) at my new high school. G was very nice and I had an absolutely wonderful day with her. It was her last day of school, so we mostly hung out in the class rooms, but I got an idea of what the teachers, schedules, students, etc.. would be like. It was very fun and I saw a lot of my old friends and was also introduced to new ones. I also had choir practice after school. I made my dad's choir that is very well known and respected. All the friends I made yesterday (and G) made this choir. I have watched this choir singing since I was very young and I have always dreamed of being in it, now I am! They learn so much in the choir but they also have a great time doing. This choir has such a wonderful family atmosphere, and I feel so welcome there. No one seems to mind that my dad is the director, which is such a relief.

Over all, I had an awesome day at my new school and it wasn't even awkward having my dad as a teacher! It was actually very interesting because he is very good at what he does, which is teach students to be wonderful performers.

You have no idea how grateful and thankful that my parents, the school, the students, etc.. are giving me the chance to try this different high school. I am also so glad that there are all so accepting of me and they make me feel like I belong.

Now I actually can't wait to go back to school, which is something I never looked forward to at my other school.

Tuesday and today, I have been helping where my mom works, which is at an elementary school teaching fifth grade. I have loved meeting her class and getting to work with them. I have been able to help with math and I also got to lead a reading lesson. This is such great practice for me because I want to be a teacher some day.

There are also some students that I have seemed to connect with in such a short amount of time. MayaH in particular has been very accepting of me. My mom has told me that she does not always listen, and that she gets in trouble. Then she also told me that her mother abandoned her and she now lives with her aunt. No wonder this girl is wanting to be rebellious. But she has been so sweet to me, and I have really enjoyed helping her,

I wish I could spend more time with these kids and get to know them better, but tomorrow is my moms last day of work so I won't get to see them. :( But I am coming back tomorrow for their little party and I hope to spend more time in my mom's classroom next year.

Well, time to have a reading circle with the while my mom is in a meeting.


Friday, June 5, 2009

YearBook Entries

I AM GOING TO MISS EVERYONE FROM SCHOOL!!!!!!! I have so many friends that mean so much more to me then I thought, so saying goodbye is going to be sad. :( I will not lose contact with these wonderful people. Well, how can you with Facebook around? (That is, if your not grounded.)

I had my french final. Tres bien, I think. My teacher said she was disappointed that I was transferring schools. Who isn't? My friends at my new school aren't, anyway. Oh and Maya4life, but I haven't talked to her forever!!!! :( That's very depressing.

I also took my English and theology finals. I felt they both went pretty well. I only have science and history on Monday, and I'm free! Wait, no I'm not...I have to get a job. Oh well, work never hurt anyone. Neither did money!

Today I said goodbye to some of my friends that I wont see on Monday like Tiki (who is also transferring schools), Bee (my therapy and drama bff), and Mp because I don't think I'll see him either on Monday. But I gave him the URL to this blog! Hope he reads it, if he doesn't oh well. At least my dad does, love you Papa! My mom would to, but I don't feel like giving her the URL yet.

Anywho, here are somethings people wrote in my yearbook:


Don't put any more holes in your ears...haha.jk!
Have a good summer!


(She is, was, in my theology class)

My bff, we have endured sooo much together, crazy drama stuff, therapy (haha.)
I love you sooo much

XO Bee

(Aww, I'm gunna miss my drama/ therapy sister!)


you're a really cool person and I'll miss you next year when you leave :( French class definitely won't be the same without you...


(My ex-crush!!! We are still friends, btw. He just doesn't want to date, w/e. Whoever his ex is, just broke his heart. How rude.)


It has been an absolute joy sitting next to you everyday! I love how ADD we are in science & sitting next to you in English was fun & being like one of four concert choir members who sang in mass! Drama was...well WOW. Haha. We will be friends for the rest of high school! I really hope you are in my science class next year! OMG, Pinopolo and the pie equation (pie + apple= apple pie)
Oh, and Mr. B totally ruined sunsets, chocolate cookies, and the blue sky *major sigh*
I am going to miss you tons this summer!


( I don't think I've written about her...she was in a choir with me since 7Th grade and we ended up gong to the same school and now we are like BBFs)

This is my fav:

I am very sorry to know that you will not be returning next year. Remember that you can always com back if things don't work out next year. Don't forget you will always be a stag!
I had a pleasure getting to know you in class this year. See you next year at some b-ball games!





Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Final #1 Down

I took my math final today. I do think I failed, which is good. I actually think I did really well. The only think I wasn't sure how to do was some equations with fractions. Oh well, as long as I get a B I'll be happy. One down, five more to go...

I also auditioned for my dads choir!! I think it was a very good audition, and it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be, all though I still was nervous. I did the sight reading perfectly, but I messed up on the rote singing. (That is when someone sings something, and you sing it back.) Now I have to audition for the musical in like a week. I am also shadowing at my new school next week, I am so excited!

Oh yeah, and I'm grounded from Facebook and my cell because I pierced my ears. And I had to take the earrings out, but I am not going to let the holes close because eventually I will be able to wear two ears.

Okay, I need to study for french, Je parle français très bien ! (I speak french very well!)

Au revoir,


Monday, June 1, 2009

We Only Say Godbye to Meet Again

This is what Mp said to me when I told him I would not be returning to this school next year. I told him about the meeting with my parents and my counselor. He asked me if I thought being here was making me more depressed. I told him that I have been depressed for 3 years, and this school just wasn't right for me. I explained that I have really enjoyed being in his class this yea and was going to miss him terribly. He told me that I could always come back. I know I can, and if my dads school doesn't work out either, I will be back. He told me that he would be here all this week during finals so if I wanted to come back and just study and hang out in his room, that would be okay. He said that just because I was leaving, doesn't mean we can't be friends. He told me to email him anytime I want. AN I will. I didn't give him the url to my blog, but maybe sometime I will email him the link. He said that I was breaking his heart that I was leaving, but "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be.”

HE thanked me for all that I had done this year and gave me a huge.

And I said no, thank you for all you have done for me this year. I appreciate it so much.

I'm gunna miss him. I know I can still talk to him, but I don't get to be in his class, or see him ever day.

But like he said, I will meet him again some day, and until then I there is email.



Earrings and Stress

I haven't written lately partly because I don't want to, partly because I have been studying for finals, and partly because I have been feeling very depressed and confused lately. I pierced my ears. Twice. My parents are ticked, my sister is upset, and Mp dose NOT approve. What can I say? I wanted them done, so I did them. But no more, I swear. Ever. I don't need anymore holes in my body. I have just been so confused about this, because my parents were confused about why i decided to do something I knew i shouldn't be doing. They think it was an act of self harm. It wasn't. It started out that way, but just ended with me wanting my ears pierced.

And I have felt very stressed lately. Finials start this week. I have an audition for my dad's choir at my new school next year. And I have been having second thoughts about transferring schools. I mean, I still WANT to,but it is just going to be harder then I thought. I am going to miss my friends, theology and Mp sooo much! And know one knows I am leaving yet and I don't know how to tell them.

I need to tell Mp, like, tomorrow. We have our last class. But he is upset with me now because he told me not to get anymore piercings, and I did. I'm gunna miss him and his over-protectiveness.

I don't know what else to say, there's to much stress with the end of the year. And having my parents all mad and not trusting me, makes it worse. I guess it's mine own fault, but still. Having to deal with this is making me feel more depressed and anxious.

Write again after finals...