Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a very nice Memorial day weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday up in Friendship, ME where my aunt has a very large plot of land right on the beach. We didn't do much besides fish and go for walks, but it was relaxing. I also saw a video of my aunt's horses, Miss Scarlet and Mama Horse. They're living in Virgina right now at my aunt's ranch but they are coming to Maine hopefully next summer. I can't wait because I use to ride a lot and I might even take horse back riding lessons this summer. My aunt has no one else in the family to go riding with besides me, and she has already said I could come over to ride any time! And these horses are amazing. They are Tennessee walking horses, but they have a beautiful canter and they do this cool thing called a running walk so you don't have to post on them. One of them is even a registered show horse!

I also got to spend time with my mom since my sister didn't come with us and we drove up and back by ourselves. We talked a little bit, but mostly it was quiet, it was nice though. We also stopped on the way home in Freeport to go shopping. I got some nice new shirts, which is kind of funny because when we got home I went to my dad's girlfriends house and her daughter gave us all these old cloths of hers. And they were nice. She barley even wore any of them, she just needed to clean out her closet because she had to much stuff.

Then yesterday, I spent the day at my other aunt's house with my cousins, my 2 uncles, McAri, my dad, his girlfriend, and my grandmother who just got back from Florida.

And today it was back to school, sigh. But now every time I feel alone, depressed or bored at school, I just think: "Hey, I only have two more weeks of going here!"

Even with that thought I am feeling very overwhelmed, still. Not only with finals closing in on me, but with random emotion I can't describe beyond "overwhelming". Maybe I'm bipolar. i mean, one minute I feel like everything is alright and the next minute I feel like the world is closing in on me, for no reason at all! I also haven't seen my counselor since the meeting with my parents, which is making me feel anxious but I don't know why.

Yesterday I took a quiz that told me I am emotionally unstable and unable to trust people. That made me feel just great. Whatever, I also took a quiz that the fruit I am most like is a banana. What the hell is that suppose to mean, that I'm yellow? I don't even like bananas...

Peace out,



I'll be posting my theology project I wrote about the other day, if anyone is intereted.

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