Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Therapy+Drama+Books+School=My Life

My life consists of the following things lately: therapy (once a week), drama (everyday after school), school (half my days right there), and books ( I can't get enough of them lately).
First of all, I had therapy yesterday. It was mostly Dr.S talking because I don't know her well enough yet to spill my guts out to her. She talked about ways to help me sleep better and I guess I did tell her a little bit about the whole high school battle. After talking about it with my dad yesterday, I seriously want to switch schools. I mean the school I'm at is great and I gave it my best shot, but I need something different in a school. Sure I'll miss my friends and Mp, but I can always keep in touch with them. And if you take the whole religion thing out, I would hate my school. So I have made up my mind about next year, now all I need to do is tell my mom...oh boy...

On the sunny side of life, drama is going great. This show might actually be better then what I thought it would be. And I'm having so much fun with all my drama buddies every day after school. Although, my home work is piling up. But also on the sunny side of life, I straight A's again!!!!

As for books, well I don't know, I just want to read all the time now. I use to read a bunch in 5th and 6th grade, but then I just got to busy. But now I am reading three different books: Glass. Which is about a drug addict mother who is 18 years old. It's a true story about the authors daughter. The Presidents Daughter. This one is about a girl who's mother is a senator who is running for president and she is going to win. I got this book for Christmas, and only now getting to read it, but I'm loving it! The Musician's daughter. This book takes place in the 1800's in Vienna. It is about this violinist who was murdered and his priceless violin was stolen. His 15 year old daughter is trying to figure out what happened to him while dealing with her younger brother and pregnant mother. She also has to make a living for them all by writing for music of a famous compser who is going blind. I love books!

Easter went well also. I got Twilight the movie!! I was so happy. I <3 Edward!

I hope everyone is well and reading a good book, lol!



Haleine said...

Glad to hear that you're enjoying The President's's been one of my all time favorite books since junior high. I also recommend Laurie Halse Anderson. I don't know if you've read any of her work before, but I really believe no one should skip reading "Speak", "Twisted" and "Wintergirls". Ellen Hopkins is also someone to look into. I'm not as familiar with her books, but they're very impressive.

Take care...

matryoshka said...

of course what Haliene doesn't mention is the version of the President's Daughter that WE read in junior high is the original version that was written in the 80's!! But both versions are some of my favorites!

Haleine said...

That is true. The version on The President's Daughter that we originally read does not have cell phones or email or the internet...of course, neither did we at the time so we didn't know what we were later books, Meg wears a Buffy The Vampire Slayer tee-shirt. Buffy, sadly, did not exist in the 80's either. I wrote to Ellen Emerson White after I read the updated version and told her how happy I was that Meg was a Buffy fan.