Friday, April 17, 2009

Me And My Technology

I love computers, I love my ipod, and I absolutely LOVE my cell. But these things don't always love me back. (Duh, there electronics!) What I mean is, they don't like to work for me. Don't get me wrong, I rock at using them. I am the queen of downloading stuff and surfing the net, making slide shows, etc. But when this stuff actually matters and I actually need those skills, my electronics die on me.

It all started last year when I cracked the screen of my brand new cell. I dropped it on the ice, oops! Then I cracked my laptop screen by leaving it the locker room during track practice. I think someone stepped on it, so technically that wasn't my fault. But I stilled had to pay the $500 to fix it. (I still owe my dad that money, considering I don't have a job.)

Now, today I haven't broken anything, yet. So, I made this awesome slide show on Mars for class and I emailed it to my teacher to present. He couldn't download it. then I tried putting it on a thumb drive to download. Still nothing. Then I finally gt my mom to let me bring the laptop I got for Christmas into school to present my project. I was extra careful with that, because I think I would die if I broke yet another computer.

So, when my turn came to present everything was all loaded and ready to go. As soon as plugged in the projector, the frigging slide show program FAILED!!!!! I WAS NOT PLEASED. I mean my project was already a day late and I was the last one to present. And did I mention that E, my total jerk of a crush, was sitting in the front row, laughing the whole time?? I know he means well and it was kind funny, but I was totally PMS-ing and was Po'ed as hell. Not even my teacher could get the dumb computer to work. Thank God I was smart enough to print out the entire slide show last night. SO, I presented it that way, with paper slides. :( It would have been so much cooler on the computer, I had sound and animation and everything...

Story of my life: when something actually matters, it doesn't happen for me

Ughh, there's always next time...At least the laptop is still in one piece. It is safely locked in my teachers room, so it should stay that way...Hopefully


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