Monday, April 20, 2009

That Just Made My Day (Which is Very Boring, BTW)

It is now the third day of vk and we have done nothing but clean. Cleaned the house, cleaned the basement, and cleaned my chinchilla's cages. Fun stuff, not. Oh well, I think my mom is going to pay us for our help, which is good.
We haven't done much this weekend because my mom is busy working on a term paper for a class she is taking online. I mean, she is really working hard on this thing. All. Day. Long. You should see this, our dinning room table is covered with notes and books. She has also put a ton of sticky notes on the wall in front of the table so she can look at them when she is writing. I find this funny! I don't understand why she is taking classes online to get a maters degree in New England history. She already has a teaching degree, but whatever. If that is what she wants to do, that's cool with me.
Anywho, Maya4Life just called me and told me that she just went to the doctors for her ADD. And guess who she saw? None other then Dr. B, my psychiatrist! Now this just cracked me up. She told me that she thought she knew him, and then she told me his name and I couldn't stop laughing! And this was all happening in the grocery store, people were giving me funny looks! (When don't they? Lol.)
Ahh, the things that amuse me...
I think I'll go read,

Peace out,

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