Monday, April 20, 2009

That Just Made My Day (Which is Very Boring, BTW)

It is now the third day of vk and we have done nothing but clean. Cleaned the house, cleaned the basement, and cleaned my chinchilla's cages. Fun stuff, not. Oh well, I think my mom is going to pay us for our help, which is good.
We haven't done much this weekend because my mom is busy working on a term paper for a class she is taking online. I mean, she is really working hard on this thing. All. Day. Long. You should see this, our dinning room table is covered with notes and books. She has also put a ton of sticky notes on the wall in front of the table so she can look at them when she is writing. I find this funny! I don't understand why she is taking classes online to get a maters degree in New England history. She already has a teaching degree, but whatever. If that is what she wants to do, that's cool with me.
Anywho, Maya4Life just called me and told me that she just went to the doctors for her ADD. And guess who she saw? None other then Dr. B, my psychiatrist! Now this just cracked me up. She told me that she thought she knew him, and then she told me his name and I couldn't stop laughing! And this was all happening in the grocery store, people were giving me funny looks! (When don't they? Lol.)
Ahh, the things that amuse me...
I think I'll go read,

Peace out,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Phone Posts=FUN!

Yeah know, this is really entertaining writing a blog post from my phone. And it doesn't cost anything because I have free texting, and I have a full keyboard on my phone, sweet! I don't have much to write, like I said before: this is fun! Anyway, today is the first day of vk! And guess what I'm doing? Well, I just cleaned out my basement and now I have to do my bedroom. And I still have to box up all the trash from the basement to bring to the dump. I am so jealous, my sister is baby sitting and she always gets a ton of cash for it! I need a job, and money. I think i am going to work at Hannaford's this summer but I would really like getting some baby sitting gigs.
Anyway, off to do more cleaning!

Phone Post!!!!

I just wanted to see if this worked because i am posting this from my phone! So cool! :)
(Hope this doesn't cost me anything...)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Me And My Technology

I love computers, I love my ipod, and I absolutely LOVE my cell. But these things don't always love me back. (Duh, there electronics!) What I mean is, they don't like to work for me. Don't get me wrong, I rock at using them. I am the queen of downloading stuff and surfing the net, making slide shows, etc. But when this stuff actually matters and I actually need those skills, my electronics die on me.

It all started last year when I cracked the screen of my brand new cell. I dropped it on the ice, oops! Then I cracked my laptop screen by leaving it the locker room during track practice. I think someone stepped on it, so technically that wasn't my fault. But I stilled had to pay the $500 to fix it. (I still owe my dad that money, considering I don't have a job.)

Now, today I haven't broken anything, yet. So, I made this awesome slide show on Mars for class and I emailed it to my teacher to present. He couldn't download it. then I tried putting it on a thumb drive to download. Still nothing. Then I finally gt my mom to let me bring the laptop I got for Christmas into school to present my project. I was extra careful with that, because I think I would die if I broke yet another computer.

So, when my turn came to present everything was all loaded and ready to go. As soon as plugged in the projector, the frigging slide show program FAILED!!!!! I WAS NOT PLEASED. I mean my project was already a day late and I was the last one to present. And did I mention that E, my total jerk of a crush, was sitting in the front row, laughing the whole time?? I know he means well and it was kind funny, but I was totally PMS-ing and was Po'ed as hell. Not even my teacher could get the dumb computer to work. Thank God I was smart enough to print out the entire slide show last night. SO, I presented it that way, with paper slides. :( It would have been so much cooler on the computer, I had sound and animation and everything...

Story of my life: when something actually matters, it doesn't happen for me

Ughh, there's always next time...At least the laptop is still in one piece. It is safely locked in my teachers room, so it should stay that way...Hopefully


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Therapy+Drama+Books+School=My Life

My life consists of the following things lately: therapy (once a week), drama (everyday after school), school (half my days right there), and books ( I can't get enough of them lately).
First of all, I had therapy yesterday. It was mostly Dr.S talking because I don't know her well enough yet to spill my guts out to her. She talked about ways to help me sleep better and I guess I did tell her a little bit about the whole high school battle. After talking about it with my dad yesterday, I seriously want to switch schools. I mean the school I'm at is great and I gave it my best shot, but I need something different in a school. Sure I'll miss my friends and Mp, but I can always keep in touch with them. And if you take the whole religion thing out, I would hate my school. So I have made up my mind about next year, now all I need to do is tell my mom...oh boy...

On the sunny side of life, drama is going great. This show might actually be better then what I thought it would be. And I'm having so much fun with all my drama buddies every day after school. Although, my home work is piling up. But also on the sunny side of life, I straight A's again!!!!

As for books, well I don't know, I just want to read all the time now. I use to read a bunch in 5th and 6th grade, but then I just got to busy. But now I am reading three different books: Glass. Which is about a drug addict mother who is 18 years old. It's a true story about the authors daughter. The Presidents Daughter. This one is about a girl who's mother is a senator who is running for president and she is going to win. I got this book for Christmas, and only now getting to read it, but I'm loving it! The Musician's daughter. This book takes place in the 1800's in Vienna. It is about this violinist who was murdered and his priceless violin was stolen. His 15 year old daughter is trying to figure out what happened to him while dealing with her younger brother and pregnant mother. She also has to make a living for them all by writing for music of a famous compser who is going blind. I love books!

Easter went well also. I got Twilight the movie!! I was so happy. I <3 Edward!

I hope everyone is well and reading a good book, lol!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Update on Life

I know, it's been awhile since I last posted. I have been incredibly busy trying to keep up with school, drama, friends, and counseling. But I have no school today because it is Good Friday and I go to a Catholic school. That's one good thing about my school, we don't have school only really important holy days. I always thought it was ironic that today is called Good Friday because it is the day that Jesus died. I don't think that's that good, just depressing. But Mp explained to me that it is good because Jesus died for us.

Okay, theology lesson of the day is, life lately, where do I begin? Well, first of all the musical is coming along very productively despite the cheesiness of the show. We have had rehearsals almost every day for 2-3 hours. Trust me, if you want to be in a production, you have no life. But that's okay because drama people are they are so funny and nice to hang with, plus those are my friends!

Schools...well, school. At least I have almost all A's! I was excited when my science teacher told me I got a 95 on his test (I usually get like 70's) and that he added the grade in twice to help bring up my average. I like him a whole bunch better now. But mostly school is boring besides theology class. Which has gotten strange lately. Mp asked me the other day about my moods lately and if I was talking to any one about where I was gthat going to go to school next year. Some how (IDK how, he is just talented like this) he got me to tell him about me seeing a therapist and taking medication for depression. He didn't seemed at all surprised about this (is it really that obvious?) and he told me if I needed to talk about anything, he was there for me. Aww, he is so nice to me! How am I ever going to be able to leave my school now?? (I don't know if I am going to transfer schools next year, but my therapist thinks I should)
Mp was also asking me what was going on with E. Nothing is going on with E and me (hehe, that rhymes) and that is frustrating. We are just friends and I think that's all we're ever going to be. I am over him...I think. I mean I still really like him, but I am moving on because there are plenty of fishes in the sea...
As for my medication. <3! It is really helping. Late after noon and evenings are hard though because that is when the Zoloft starts wearing off. But right after I take them I feel great, then they mellow down a bit. Sleeping is still a problem because I have a wicked hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Dr. S said she can help me with that. I didn't know therapy could help sleeping patterns...I don't get headaches as often, but I still get them some times.
Oh yeah! Last weekend, I wen to Boston with my dad's girlfriend (L) and her son (BeatBoxerBoy) to see her daughters musical at her collage. (I'll call L's daughter L2 and she is 18) We had so much fun!!!! driving down I just listen to music and laughed at BeatBoxerBoy (he is 21), he is hilarious! We stayed in a nice hotel suit and we swam in the pool. We got a tour of Stone Hill collage. Nice Jesuit school, small but nice. And L2's dorm was so cool although it was a triple. We saw her preform in the musical Aspects of Love. She was the lead role, and boy did she kiss a lot of people! (She was great anyway.) It was a well done show, and much better than she said it would be.
We might go back to Boston over April Vk, I am so excited!

Happy Easter (weekend) everyone!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I went to my first therapy/ counseling session on Monday. Dr. S is nice, she seemed like she knew what she was doing and hopefully she will be able to help me. Apparently, I need to see a therapist along w/ taking medication because medication changes chemicals in my brain to feel better, but therapy helps change the way I think. That makes sense to me.

I also went to the orthodontist yesterday and I have to get a cemented palate expander and then, spacers, then braces (top and bottom), and then possibly I have t get 2 teeth pulled. This is going to be painful, on both my mouth and my parents wallet.

Doctor appointments are fun!