Friday, March 20, 2009

This Weekened

I have such a busy weekend to look forward to! Eww.

Friday-Rehearsal for the musical for an hour after school. Then I'm working at fashion show at my school with my mom. Not what I wanted to do, but my sister is going so if I didn't, that would be strange.

Saturday-Studying for tests on Monday and reading my theology book. I think I have to babysit for awhile. Then I am going to see a production of West Side Story at another high school in the district. Best part f the weekend. Best part of life! Well, music and musicals that is.

Sunday-Church. Rehearsal for like 3 hours. Choir concert at my church. Then I am directing the Stations of the Cross at my church. To much time at church.

Monday-Doctors, psychiatrist, shrink, whatever you wanna call it. I am not looking forward to this. It makes me feel anxious thinking about telling a random person all the crap I feel.

AT least I know I am not alone. My friend from school was just diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Us depressed people have to stick together. lol!

Yeppp, Life is fun :) (that is partly sarcastic, partly not)


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