Friday, March 6, 2009

Life Lately *I need to come up with better titles*

So, I finally decide to write a blog when I should be attempting to understand my unfinished science homework. Well, actually I can't really do that because apparently our librarian is being the mean witch (with a b, lol) that she is and won't let anyone in the library. Oh, well.

Honestly, not much has happened since the last time I wrote. Things have been pretty sucky lately. Well, emotionally they have been. I mean I am doing well in school (I finally have all a's and one b), I tried out for the musical (which I feel pretty good about), and it's Friday. But, I just don't feel like myself. It's been another one of those "depressed feelings" week. And me and my mom have NOT been getting along. We fight about EVERYTHING!!!! The most resent fight we had was the following:
Mom: "You talk to yourself to much"
Me: "No, I'm talking to you, your just not listening."
I am not making that up. I think it is mostly my fault, because I can be very mean to her. I try really hard not to be, but sometimes I just feel so angry for no reason at all, especially at her.

But anyway, I turned 15 on Monday, and I had a snow day too! I am old enough to take drivers ed!! WOW, not that my mom will let me take it. Ugh. But just knowing I could is very satisfying. And I am also older than E now, which is very amusing to me. And I totally got the sound track to Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) for my bday (along with some cash and some other stuff.) I love that musical now. We saw it about a week ago, and now I'm like obsessed with it. Mostly because Johny Depp is in the movie version of it (he sings very well in it, btw.) Oh, and my dad's old student teacher (DJ) played Sweeney Todd in the Broadway national tour. (That is the production we saw.) He was so amazingly good for the part! This musical is such a dark one, yet the music in it is great! I think it is in my fav five for musicals now.

Oh yeah, I think I mentioned this but I audition for the spring musical. The production we are doing is Starmites!, which is about a girl who is obsessed with comic books and goes into the comic book world and becomes the super hero in it. Strange, I know. I don't understand why our director has to pick such strange plays/musicals. I mean, for the one act he picked a play called Asylum. I think the name pretty much gives away the weirdness of it. At least this musical has a lot of lead and minor roles.

Anyway, that's all that's really happened lately in The Life and Times of MimiX. Write again when something interesting happens...

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Haleine said...

Happy Birthday...I thought Johnny Depp was a great Sweeny Todd too.