Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Midterms...A High School Student's Worst Nightmare

Guess what a week from today is??? Midterms!! Ugh, guess which one I have first??? Math! Figures. But good news: I can switch to non-honors algebra after midterms without switching around my whole schedule!! The only reason I didn't switch before was because I was afraid of having to switch science/ theology classes and because I like what being in honors does to your GPA. Oh, well. There is hope for more honors next year...

So, midterms. Ew. I don't like tests and I don't like studying so I don't like midterms already. But I actually did get a productive hour of studying in last night. I am hoping to do the same all this week. (But knowing me, I'll probably end up on Facebook talking to E some how.)

By the way, Mp knows that I like E. At the basketball game he asked me if I had any crushes and I wouldn't tell him. But of course, he convinced me to in the end. That's okay, I trust him. And he would have probably found out one way or another. He's good like that.

Also, yesterday in theology class (lol), he told the class that I was his date at the game. Talk about embarrassing! And did I mention E is in my class? I don't really care what anyone says, because I guess I was his date. If anyone says anything, there probably just jealous. And I am not ashamed that I sat with a teacher at a school basket ball game, it was fun. And I don't regret it one bit...


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