Monday, January 12, 2009

Math is Ruining My Life (Rather My GPA)

I just spoke with my math teacher and I scored a 50 on our last test. I have a 70 average in that class. That is just passing. There is no hope for me to bring that grade up to a C. That is not good. That is very, very bad. I am going to have all A's and one big, fat, nasty F (possibly a D if I do well on the midterm, which is not likely) on my report card. Do you know how bad that is going to look like to me, my parents, collages?????? I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! Take a deep breath, find a happy place, find a happy place. Nope, not working, I am still freaking out.
I guess on the bright side of things, I wont have to switch classes even if I do fail math. Oh, and the bball game went really well. We lost, but I had alot of fun and I sat with mp.
But, *sigh* an F? Seriously I am better than an F....
MX :((((

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matryoshka said...

if you're like me..algebra was totally horrible....but geometry was GREAT!! So either way, there is hope that next year math will be much better. I understand...I always hated math...and now I work for a bank!!!