Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, it is 11:30 on this wonderful Thursday afternoon, and we just got released from school due to bad weather. Which is kind of Ironic since it isn't even snowing. Oh well, at least I don't have to go to classes.

Lots has happened since the lat time i wrote. First of all, l there was Thanksgiving break, which was quit a production! I spent most of my time w/ cousins (I have like 20) and when we all get together, it is nonstop laughs and fun. There is occasionally some drama and tension, but it is usually all in good fun. I also got to see Twilight over the break. It was one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. I have read all the books (besides the newest one) and it was so incredible to see it on the screen. That movie is so romantic, and adventurous, and mysterious. I simple love it! It is like the next Harry Potter to me.

Okay, done being obsessive Twilight fan. After break our schools production of The Time Machine opened and closed in like three days. We had some good shows, we had some bad shows, but all in all it was great fun. We all so had a great cast party and we also went out a lot after the shows. Also during my production, my father's (he is a choir director) Christmas concert opened. Now, where I live, this concert is a huge thing and my dad usually hires a star guest to preform (More than likely it is usually a Broadway star) This year hew got Capathia Jenkins. She is so amazingly nice, I love her! But I didn't get to go out to dinner with her like my sister did because I had to go to work (aka, my show)

Now we are going to have a snow day tomorrow and I am really glad because I really don't want to take a math test! By the way I got my d- in math to a d!! What an improvement, not. But E said he would help me study!! Well, that's all till the next addition of the boring life and times of MX...

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