Sunday, November 9, 2008


I just got home from a really great night w/ Maya4life. The funny thing about our little night out was that we went to a worship service at Mdogs Church. Just for all you don't now who Mdog is well, he was one of my most favorite teacher from last year, from ever. Well, this worship service was different in a sense because it was four guitarists/ singers and a drummer and they just sang songs about God. It was really beautiful. Just to let everyone know, we went to this thing because Maya4life's grandmother wanted us to. But I am really glad I did, I can't wait for the next one! The ironic thing about hearing my old teacher sing is that last year I made fun of him for his singing, but he really wasn't in his real voice. (Which is actual very good!) Another weird thing is that I have never seen him in jeans and a non-dressy shirt. We were all joking before the show because we thought he was not going to be able to sing when he saw me and Maya sitting in the front row! His face was great when he saw us, he had no idea we were coming! After the show we got to talk to hima and he asked us how school was going and all that stuff. Then we were just talking and he was like " You loved me, you hated me, then you loved me again, I didn't know what you thought of me!" We told him we did reallylike him and then we brought up the time he pulled me down the hall in my chair. Good times! Me and Maya had a really funny love-hate relationship w/ him and we pissed him off, got in trouble with him, and other times we just got along. It was great seeing him (and his daughter whom I used to friends with) again. I really miss him and all my teachers. My teachers have always played a really important part in my life and I htink that with out teachers young people would not beable to get by in this harsh world...

"What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches." ~Karl Menninger

Yeah Mdog, just cuz you teach the worst and hardest subjects (science) doesn't matter cuz you are a great person! Now if the teacher teaches a goo subject and is a ncie person, that is just bouns! (Like MP)

Thanks to all my teachers who have made a diffrence...


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