Friday, October 24, 2008


*Sigh* I hate math, it is stupied. One minitue I get it then they just have to go and add letters in with numbers and it just screws everything up!!! I thought I was doing better in math since I got a 90 on my math quiz on Wednesday, but then today we had a test and I didn't understand it at all! I didn't awsner a bunch of questions and the ones I did awsner I am positive I got wrong. Even if I did get then right, I would still fail. Without math my life would be so much easier...*Sigh*

But on the bright side it is Friday and I found both my scripts for drama. One of them was on the stage and another this guy had. Now I have two scripts. WOW....back up, baby! (in case I lose one!!)

Anyway, I was reading all my blogs that I have ever posted, and there...different, like me I guess. One of the first blogs I wrote that I wanted to be that cool drama geek, but I was a rebellious teen that didn't want to be here. Now I think I am... What am I? Maybe"that quite girl who likes theology class." I haven't really established a reputation at this school yet. At my old school I was the smart drama/ music geek that likes to get in trouble, or does trouble just find her? Yeah, I think It was mostly I am not trying to get in trouble, but I seem t0 a lot. For a while at my old school I was shy girl who didn't talk, then I was just girl who gets in trouble, but has good grades, finally I become drama geek. Now I am back to quite girl who doesn't talk. It is like one huge cycle of reputations. None of them are any good though. But popularity isn't the answer to life's longings, that is what they are teaching at this school anyway.

Peace out,

MX <3

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