Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What A Day

Yeah, what a day! Everything that could have gone wrong did. But despite that fact I don't feel stressed at all. I only have tests to study for tonight and I am not really all that tired, and I might be able to hang with Maya4Life (and all my real friends) on Friday! I guess you could even say I am in a pleasant mood. Long time since that has been true. I just had a burst of enthusiasm to do my best today, although a lot of things went wrong....

Well first off, you should know that I didn't have theology class and that never makes me to happy about my day. Then I had science first, which is my hardest subject. After that I had a math quiz, which I already know I failed. I suck so bad at testing. I know all the material, but then I test poorly. Kinda like what happends to me at audition time. Gotta work on that to! Anyway...then I sat with sophmores at lunch which is highly looked down upon in this school. I didn't figure this out until after I had finished eating, then I practicaly ran out of the cafe. Finally I couldent gt my locker open, so I had to get the janitors. I have never had issues withmy locker, but today it just woulden'topen, so I am guessing that someone switched the lock. So, I had to get the combo for the loick that was on my looker from outr assistant principal. She scares me. Alot. At least she is going to go back to being a L.A. teacher on Monday! Because I coulden't get my locker open, I missed the whole Key Club meeting, so I wont be able to work at the cancer walk this weekend. What a day!

Despit it, I defied what should have given me the worst headache andf and an even wosre attutude, and still came out with a positive out look on life!

Lets see how long this lasts...


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