Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Today in The Life of MX

Today in the life of Mx, things aren't as complicated and hard as they were yesterday. I have a short day at school today, and only math HW so far. I got to watch House last night and I have theology next, so all is well. I really do think I was tired yesterday and I was worried about how my audition went, so that's why I was in such a crappy mood. And I had a lot of HW, which I finished on time!!

Anyway, about my audition...It went well, but I really do think it could have gone a lot better. I felt so rushed because I had to leave and I only got like 30 seconds to look at the scene I was suppose to read. But maybe because of my impressive stage performance history, the director Will cut me some slack and give me a decent role. Oh, well all the upper class man get the leads anyway and most of them are way better actress's than me. There is always next year, I am getting better at what I do every day, so next year or maybe even the musical is possible to get a lead. I have never really gotten a major role in play, mostly because I only do musicals. Not that I get leads in those either. I'm not bad or anything (I hope!) it's just that when auditions come around, I am never ready. that's something I really need to work on this year.

Anywho....off to theology!


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