Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School is...

School gives me a headache. I hate it. Fixing my computer also gives me a headache, and I still haven't fixed my stupid iTunes yet! I am going to go crazy without my music. Yeah, I deleted all the music on my iPod and now it won't let me put any of it back on.

I have a hour break from the boring thing we call school, so i guess I'm writing on my blo, finally. ( I should be doing homework.) I still am not enjoying school at all. My moms in love with my school though. It was parent's night. Scary thought. My mom, talking to my teachers, about ME! That's my worst nightmare. Anyway she loves my school, and I hate it. But she says that she could never pass high school now. My dad dose too. Dose that mean we are smarter than our parents? Sometimes I think it dose. Although i don't like school, am realizing that the education here is good. It is challenging and the teachers here are almost like professes. But the social aspect of it (for me anyway) sucks. I have no friends, no relationships to teachers, and I don't like the atmosphere of this school. It is to uptight and strict, not open enough.

I miss middle school, as lame as I may seem for saying that. I miss all my teachers, my friends, my classes. I felt so comfortable at my middle school and with all my teachers. I miss how much fun it was. Yes, there was a lot of work, but it had a laid back, fun atmosphere. I miss it. I really do. At least the weekend is kinda almost here, and I Can hang with my friends. Maybe my cousins too. (Yes, I love to hang out with my cousins. We all go to church together on Sunday and then we go to each others house. It's nice to be with family on Sunday.) Maybe I'll go see a movie with Maya4Life on Friday. I saw Batman and the Disaster Movie last Friday. They both were really good, but Batman rocks! I also got to walk around down town with my sis. That was funny, we both Had different uniforms on and people were staring at us.

OMG! I got like a wicked bad grade on my first amthh quiz. I barely got a B, i think. Oh wel, only the first quiz. Anyway, I am doing well in everything else. Well, I shoul do HW. Thanxz for actually reading this blog!




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