Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Facts About My Life

Lots has happened since I've last written, maybe not interesting stuff, but stuff. Well, on Friday me and Maya4Life went to our old middle school. Talk about a blast from my past. I needed to have Mdog fill out an application for me, but he wasn't there. :( But we did see our old french teacher who we haven't seen since 7th grade because she has been in France on an exchange. It was great to catch up with her, she is really nice. Anyway, then we were going to got to the football game but V told us it was cancelled (which it wasn't!) But then we just watched a million episodes of House. I love House, he is like the coolest thing on TV. He's hilarious! Anyway, then I went to my homecoming dance on Saturday night. That suck so bad, let me tell you! The music was horrible, it was 1000 degrees in the gym, and it smelt so bad. IDK why. It was not fun, no body liked it. I wasn't going to go anyway, but my mother and grandmother wouldn't shut up about it. They were all like: "Your never going to make friends this way!" I HAVE FRIENDS, GET OVER IT!!!!! There not all to close, but I have friends. Finally I broke down and said I would go. What a waste of 10$ and a Saturday night.

Monday I had more tests and so starts my boring week all over again. At least today is the last day of school, because we don't have school 2morow! YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I can sleep in! :D :D Yeah, but we get our progress reports in the mail this weekend! Yikes, my grades will probably be the lowest they have ever been. Oh, well I have plenty of time to bring them up. And I will, I swear. Not to God because I go to a catholic school and my conscience will eat away at me if I do. Me and Maya4Life have started calling MP my conscience,because basically that is what he is. Every theology class it is like a major guilt trip about every thing I have ever done wrong in my life. He is my conscience without even knowing it. But I still think he is really nice and I still absolutely love theology.

OMG! I have now been upgrade to the queen of the morlocks in drama! (Random, I know) It is not to much of an improvement, but it is a challenge. And I like a challenge when it comes to acting. I know basically just get to chill with king and order the other morlocks around. It is a role easier to develop then just a morlock, I think. So, drama should be interesting and pretty good. Well, I am sooo glad there is no school tomorrow, and yeah.



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