Friday, September 12, 2008

One Hi Can Make Your Day

People are mean here.You'd think they'd be wicked nice and welcoming, but no. Not all people are earn, but some. I got to school at like 7:20 and barely anyone was here, so (I just sat down ta a random table in the cafe to study for a test. Then this girl sat down with me. She seemed nice and all then she's like freshmen have those two tables over there. And nobody was even there! Gosh, I can sit where ever I want and if somebody has a issue with that then that's just too bad!
But as I said, not everyone is bad. MP is nice. He is the only one that makes me fell welcome at this school, he is actually very kind to me. He is my theology teacher. He is a really good teacher and he is really passionate about what he dose. I was having a wicked bad day yesterday cuz I did bad on a test and I was following the wrong schedule and skipped two classes. I just was not happy and I did not want to be at school. He asked mewhat was wrong when I was rushing to class when I figured out my schedule, so I told him. And I was really upset cuz I did not feel good and I just hated everybody and everything. But he just told me it was going to be alright and that it was okay. He made my day just by saying a few words to me. The rest of my day I felt better and I couldn't wait for his class, and I enjoyed it. I think he is my hero just saying hi. (which he dose every time I see him in the hall) God bless him.

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