Thursday, September 4, 2008


OMG! I am already on my THIRD day of school! wow. And you should see my homework load! double wow. And yes after 3 days, I still feel the same way about this school as before. But I am really just trying to accept it for what it is, ya know? But it's hard to do that. I mean school is so dull. All I do is work, eat, and more work. I have no social life at all. I guess I have friends, but they're more like just people I sit with at lunch. I kinda feel like a zombie. Just floating thought each day, doing what I'm suppose to be doing. Then I go home and do the same thing. Is this how high school is suppose to feel like? I don't think so, but it still dose. At least most of my teachers are nice. My math teacher looks like Mark, from RENT, and he seems pretty nice. My history teacher is just plain harsh. He is all like "I am just trying to prepare you for the real world, and the really world isn't always fair." Blah Blah Blah. Yeah, I know the real worlds harsh, but could you lighten up just a bit? He is a pretty good teacher though. My science teacher is nice, young and fun. That's about it. Her class is to easy so I am going to honors Physical Science. Mdog taught me well. He's my old science teacher, and his class was great. Boy do I miss is 5 page long tests compared to this easy crap I''m taking. My religious teacher is also nice to, he is very gangster, in a way. He says 'ight, like every ten seconds. hes cool. My choir director is also very good, but I had to sing for him this morning. He's all like you are an alto, aren't you? And I'm like NO! I am a saprono. But at 8:00 in the moring my voice is not in it's full range yet. So, I am in the saprono section of choir. I still am not sure of what to make of my L.A. teacher yet. In good time though I should be able to tell you what he's all about.

So, for the most part school isn't great, but it isn't exactly crap either. It's dull. And boring. ANd I have no friends. AND I have lots of hw. Not to complain or anything. Well, I guess school is pretty crappy. But I just have to accept it for what it is and do my best and hopefully things will get better. I thiunk I might be ablre to survive this school for awhile. But when i fel like I'm gunna die at this school, I'll let ya'll know. (That should be in 2 weeks or so.) But till then the all powerful and mighty MX is just gunna have to hang in there...



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