Sunday, September 14, 2008


Has anyone ever heard of the Mothman, or seen the movie about him/it? I just saw it and the idea of the Mothman fascinates me. If you haven't heard of the Mothman, he is said to be a black, human/moth thing with glowing red eyes. Cool right? Well, I thought so. (well, in a creepy, weird way.) He is said to be a myth like bigfoot or something, but no one has proven he dosen't exist. He seems to show up in times of tragedy, like when the Silver Bridge in Pleasent Point, West Virgina broke and 46 people died. Or when the Twin Towers crumbled to the earth on 9/11. People have said to have seen him in times like these and the days folowing up to things like these happening. There has been numoreus sightings of him, but were those just a hoax? Is this myestrious Mothman really a super natural being? I really wish I knew. And is this Mothman thing good or bad? I believe that he is a dark creature who isn't the bad guy because it is also said that he warns people of this tradgedys. Anyway I am doing research into this because it is a mstey that intresst me. I know what your thinking: she's a freak who belives in the "Mothman". Maybe so, but I've had my fill about super natural creatures for today, so I'll stop writing about it And I'm not obsesed,or that weird, this movie that I saw just puzzles me.

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If the Mothman intrests you check this out:

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