Thursday, September 18, 2008


What can I say about drama? Well, the fist meeting of the drama society was yesterday. It was amazing!!!! I is the only thing I like about this school, other than theology and MP. We are doing The Time Machine for out fall play. I am not a fan of this particular play, well what I've heard of it anyway. But I suppose I can give it a try. Let me tell you, drama here is all jokes, all the time. I mean they are serious about the production, but everyone is always cracking a joke or turning something the director says into a joke. There is a lot of funny people in drama, which makes for a great time. And our director is really funny too. He goes right along with the jokes. Lots of laughter here people, which I definitely need after a long day of school. W did a lot of improv games yesterday, which is also something I enjoyed. I also made some friends to hang with. That was good, ecspecailly considering the fact that drama and theology are the only things that are gunna get me through this school unless I make friends

HAHA! Talking about theology class, I jsut came from there! It was sooooo funny. MP makes me laugh. He has a way of telling a story that is just really funny and he's so nice. Our class always gets into really fun and funny class discutions, usually way off topic. As much as we get off topic, I am learning things about my religion and mission of my school every day. I think I am beginning to apresate what this school stands for and what being a person for God and others really means.( Although I still don't enjoy this school or even know if this is the best place for me.) WOW! Big step! And it's all because of theology and MP. Who would have thought that religion would be my favorite class although I dislike goingto church. The wonders one teacher can do....

Drama and Theology ROXZ! :)



I got an A on my math test!!!!!

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