Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey anyone who cares to read this!!! I am done with my work for the summer! :) But I still have to do work after school this year. :( Oh well. At least AbrocombieJo is nice.

 You know, I still can not see myself at this private school. It is just too weird, I can't comprehend it all!! I just don't fit in with this school and I can not see myself there in a million years. I told my mother over, and over again that I could not (and would not) go to this school. But she said it's final, and I guess there's no point in agreeing that now since school is starting on Tuesday. I can't understand the fact that I'm going to this school. It's not that it's a bad school or anything, it's just so not me. And if  you know me you know what I'm talking about, but if you don't you don't know me well enough. I just wish there was some other way to communicate feelings on this school to my mother. I have tried every thing from a well thought out email to a persuasive essay, but she still does not understand why I don't want to go there. There are too many reasons  to get into tonight, but I will surely tell them to you all some other night.

I guess I should just try to get past the first day before I start flipping out. I am told that you should just take it one step at a time, but I can't help think about tomorrow or next week. The truth really is that I am afraid. Afraid of the future. Afraid of change. And afraid that the life I will  live and who I become will not really be what they should be. But I guess that's up to me what happens next and if it's right or not, right?


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Maya 4 Life said...

Holy shit there smart one...
WOW that was quite a blogger!?!?!
were did all this come from? you never told me you were afraid.
S**** you are your own person and ya know what your mom can suck it for all i care about. S****(i'm not sure if i can use your name but what evs) your awsome and a great person who needs a path to follow just like everybody else but while trying to find your path you got lost and some things happened... This is the path chosen for you whether or not it's the one you want and it's up to you(wow thats a first!!!) to change it and make it your own!

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