Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey everybody! 2 more days till school! :( NOT looking forward to that at all. Now if I were headed back to middle school I would be absolutely ecstatic. I mean it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but middle school was great! But private school is another story. They are way to strict, while I am use to fun atmosphere at school.
Anyway, enough about school. Well, my life isn't that interesting, but yesterday I went to the mall. I know the MALL! WOW! But the only bad part was I went with my mom. A mom on a mission isn't really the kinda person you wanna go shopping with. (No offense to moms around the world) We had to go get pants for my uniform. See, at my school they are way to strict about pants. We had already went to get pants before, but they were to tight. Then they were to baggy. Then they were just to ugly. So, my mom had finally had it with me and she dropped me off at the gap and instructed the sales woman to help me. It was so much easier to shop with this random person than it was with my mom. So I found the perfect pair of pants (for this school anyway) and we went home. Then we had to go to church. WOW! Some more fun! But it wasn't that bad because most of my cousins were there. Then we had to go to the cemetery to visit my grandfathers grave because he die 4 years ago from today. :( RIP Grandpa. We also saw my cousins grave who died 4 years ago a month before today. That was sad, he was only 11 when he died. :( RIP Lev. Anyway then my grandmother offered to come over and hem my pants because they were just a bit to long. So, she came over and insisted that the pant's were to tight for school. (Which they weren't!) So, I had to go back to the Gap with my GRANDMOTHER! That was little weird. So, finally I got pants to please everyone, But then my Grandmother gave me this little "talk" about how my grandfather was the most well groomed msn in our town and that I am a TAl (refering to her last name) and I have to keep that in mind when I am at school. But I am not a TAl I AM A NIX (refering to MY last name) I am not who she belives I am and just becasuse my grandfather had a name to uphold, I will follow in my own foot steps were ever they may lead. Like Maya4Life (I think that is the right name!?), my BFFL, says it is up to me to maker this path my own. I haev no disrecpect for my Grandfather, I just do not want to fllow in some one elses lead.
Well, I guess I will leave y'all with one last piese of advice: Friends are like 4 leaf clovers, hard to find but lucky to have. This is so true, so if you have a great friend don't let them go. Keep them in your heart 4ever, just as I shall. Shout out to Maya4Life (i really hope that is the name you are using!): You alsways have the right things to say and you help me understand the things I can not compreehend myself. BFFL! (And I mean it, I don't know what I'd do without you!)

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Maya 4 Life said...

And yeah that is the my name...
i feel the same way and it's true and i really want to see a pic of that pair of pants and the uniform...